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Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution Is The Only Answer [to End the Banks' Reign over us]

We now have an oligarchy. People cannot get a democratic outcome out of an alleged democratic government. We’re seeing this all over the West. Some of these countries aren’t even run by their own governments. They’re run by Wall Street. The whole thing is a fraud. There’s probably more democracy in China…. Revolution is the only answer. Would default be ‘catastrophic’? Catastrophic for who?! The bankers?!

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It's either Ron Paul or revolution.

No amnesty for bankers. Imprison them, exile them or string them up. No quarter.

Roberts is absolutely correct...

The American people effectively no longer have a government, ipso facto, it wouldn't even really be a revolution so much as expelling an occupying power. Nonetheless, that would not be how the police state would see it during the hostilities. The very fact that the Daily Paul requires people to sign-in to discuss such matters, and most likely logs their IP addresses, presents a security risk to each and every liberty loving person willing to entertain the idea that this country can regain its freedom. If the Daily Paul isn't willing to actively work to ensure the security of its membership, it should NOT allow posts such as this. Such posts, especially in encouraging people to discuss them, very literally could be putting people's lives in jeopardy.

Thanks Bobby

great find.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The Look on His Face At The End Says It All

The government is bifurcating into British Banker loyalists and American Loyalists. This split is happening at every level in government. People are having to choose sides. Remember Paul Craig Roberts worked at Dept. Of Treasury. As a former IMF banker insider Paul Craig Roberts has taken a clear stand against the banker tyranny. The dept. Of Treasury is divided between the globalist camp and the free America camp. The military is starting to split their loyalties between the Republic camp and the Rhodesian Globalist camp. At some point one camp will have to leave America or be killed by the other camp.

Go back to Europe you globalists scum.

I estimate 9 million collaborators will flee America as the truth spreads about who they are and what they have done to us.

The other alternative is they wipe out 100,000,000 Americans to try and stamp out the truth. So tell everyone you know so the traitors face a unified American people and instead decide to abandon The Plantation.

The Oracle

missing the real problem.

I really think Roberts is missing the root causes entirely. The way to fix this mess is not to throw up laws restricting companies rights to move manufacturing out of country but to make America competative. That stubborn independant streak in American culture is already a great commodity (someone always has an idea how to do it better, and the best ways tend to win out, but don't get voiced in docile societies), but with massive bureacracy strangling most ideas, innovation is stillborn. Not to mention the massive cost of compliance with this bureaucracy. Then the possible added frustration of dealing with entrenched unions (not that unions are inherently bad but do increase the cost of business.) Add even onto that the reckless monetary policies of the fed. The threat of coming under the ire of a politician or interest group which can strangle your business in yet more red tape. What on earth would make you want to stay and do business here. The loss of jobs in manufacturing would likely be lower and the increased productivity from a true capitalist policy would take care of the situation. So in short lets get some real capitalism and take jobs from the rest of the world, not hide in the corner and whimper.