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Placeholder for RP in 3rd Party?

Would it be possible for an established third-party to hold a place with a candidate who would plan to pull out in the event that RP does not get the Repub nomination?

Scott Barber brought this up on another post. It sounds like an ideal strategy to me - if it is possible. Does anyone know?

And does anyone agree?

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It's not a strategy at all....

...because it demonstrates a profound ignorance of how the electoral system in this nation actually works.

I think the problem is that

I think the problem is that in some(most?) states if you run in the primaries as one party you can't come back and run in the general as a different party. I am not 100% on this, but I believe I have herd Ron mention rules like this before.

I believe it's called the 'Sore Loser Law' in Texas.

I remember Dr. Paul in 2009 saying that he could not switch parties because it was against the law to do so.

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