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The Veto President: What Ron Paul COULD do as President

Congressman Ron Paul has a lot of positions on a lot of issues. And yes he is very clear about them. No hiding behind the Popularity Polls for Congressman Paul. This Congressman calls it like he sees it and he has been doing it this way since the seventies. What a relief. Imagine that, a Congressman who doesn't flip flop on the issues and is always taking a clear stand on the issue. What a big relief it is to have a question answered, not avoided.

The internet loves Dr. Paul for the simple reason of historical consistency. People may and do agree on some things that Dr. Paul says, but not all things. People can safely guess how Dr. Paul will vote. Few people agree with everything Dr. Paul believes in, yet they support him for the simple reason that they know what kind of man he is.

So, now that Dr. Paul is running for President, what kind of President would the people get? Two things: They would get a president that Vetoed Spending, any spending and they would get thousands of new jobs, real American jobs. As the economy explodes in growth from all that vetoing, America again rises to the top. Its an old story that Americans love to forget and discover again and again.

Indeed, Dr Paul would be the "Veto President". Its very clear that a Paul Presidency would be about vetoing pretty much everything Congress charges to the Public Bank Account. This would be good for the economy. The Stock Market would rally up and the dollar's value would hold.

The biggest thing a Paul Presidency would give us? Jobs. JOBS. As the corporate environment would improve, the jobs would improve. As spending declines in Washington, spending would increase in the economy. Jobs, jobs, jobs would be a good thing. If a Paul Presidency vetoed the spending in Washington, then the economy would take off. A true economy exuberance would ensue. Business from China would be racing to get into the American market. Moreover, companies in China would return by the thousands. Stopping Washington spending has wonderful effects. It means Jobs and a healthy economy.

A Ron Paul President could not do many things. A President Paul could not single offhandedly change Roe vs Wade's abortion decision. Nor could President Ron Paul kill Social Security or end Medicare or even "legalize drugs". Those are not in the cards for a Paul Presidency. Nor could President Paul reinstall respect for the Constitution in every Senator and Congressman. Wise voters smile and know that a Paul Presidency would mean two things: lots of vetoes and lots of jobs.

What a President Paul could do is end the out of control spending in Washington, something every Republican says. But this Republican is different, he votes that way and Republicans know it. The facts bare it out that President Paul would veto any spending, where ever that spending goes. If American tax payer money is spraying out in a gusher to five wars in the middle east or splashing down the drain in pork projects, President Paul's consistent vetoes would make it a hard for that to continue. Under a President Paul, Washington would finally have to live within its budget. Now that would be a real Change.


If you like the above essay, please feel free to copy it (change it if you like) and SEND IT TO YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER!!

In peace and liberty,

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great essay Treg! I might take you up on the offer to borrow this. I'll try to pass it around!

Executive orders and Presidential pardons

Paul will likely resist the temptation to issue Executive Orders to circumvent Congress and the courts, BUT nothing will stop him from rescinding orders issued by previous Presidents.

You should also consider that Presidential pardons may be forthcoming for the victims of victimless crime laws. And while Paul may not have the power to abolish the IRS, he DOES have the power to pardon those convicted of offenses against the tax code. No need to abolish the IRS if it loses the power to imprison tax resisters; the income tax might truly become a "voluntary tax." That too would mean jobs, jobs, jobs!

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

tax pardons

I never thought of that. Great point! Pardons would help reign in the IRS.

This is why I hope that an electorate that votes Ron Paul in the White House may vote similarly for Congress. I am personally spear-heading a campaign to the tune of, "Put Ron Paul in the White House and the Green Party in Congress."

This is my way of assuring moderates that neither would take over, a way for me (and my writing) to stay in touch with "progressives" and a way for Greens to consider a vote for Ron Paul (if they see it as a package).

I think Libertarians need to take over the Republican Party following Ron Paul. There was a post on here about Lib. and Con. Party candidates.

I go to my local GP meetings (got one tomorrow night), I'd suggest any right-leaning RP supporters to do the same with Libs. and Cons. and try to get them to register and take the lead in the GOP. If anything, at least for this next year. Ron Paul has a solid chance this time and it'd be very lame of us to let this opportunity pass. It might be the last chance we get to change the course of our country.

And a lot of my "liberal" friends are starting to get that. I think I'll have some Primary voters once I start carrying registration cards (and stamps) with me at all times.

Let's keep the movement moving!

Jack Wagner

Good Article Treg.

There are a few things you could add, like a President Paul would/could abolish legal tender laws, that would open the doors to competing types of Constitutional money. End the wars, and eventually abolish the Fed and IRS.

I just don't understand why most Americans haven't figured out that Ron Paul is the "Only" logical choice for President in 2012 .


Had me in a magical land called Paultopia there.

Good read. It almost seems too good to be true. Who would pass up living in such a wonderful world.

Thanks, thats RP propaganda at its finest

It seems to me this is what the voters need to hear...

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.... and with me your future will be all bright and wonderful

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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What? Was it that bad? Can I get a bump?


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

I liked it, myself

So here's another bump

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose