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2 Messages We Need To Drill Home

Fellow Ron Paul Supporters,

As this election season begins we have two messages that we need to drill into the conciseness of the electorate.

1. Conservatism - We need to get this defined more in line with liberty. That means we need to constantly be telling people that conservatism means small Federal Government. Stress Federal... ie let social conservative have there day in the sun, but tell them it should happen at the State level. We need to associate conservatism with a "conservative" foreign policy. Meaning we can not be the policemen of the world and nation build. "policemen of the world" and "nation build" need to become negative terms in the mind of the electorate.

2. Corporatism - We need to make it clear that we do not live in a Capitalistic country. We live in a country run by corporatism. The reason that corporatism is so prevalent is because Corporations have so much to gain from "regulation" that prevents true open competition and "government handouts" from the military industrial complex, the financial industrial complex, and the medical industrial complex. We need to associate Corporatism as bad. Regulations are barriers to entry that large corporations use to maintain cartels and monopolies. Big Federal budgets are ways for the government to dictate winners and losers. We need to move away from Corporatism and toward true capitalism.

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Definitely every vote counts

Definitely every vote counts and we need to be on the top of our game if we want to be successful.

Ron Paul 2012 For Liberty, Freedom, & Peace