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Rubio's Tough Immigration Stand Riles Some Hispanics

Rule #1 of Collectivist Politics: ALL Hispanics must Support Illegal Immigration. NO diverse opinions will be tolerated!

Hispanic and immigration activists had held out hope that with the election behind him, Rubio might return to some of the more moderate positions he staked out as a state lawmaker. Instead, they’re now seething after Rubio hardened his opposition to the DREAM Act and continues to repeat the harsh rhetoric of the right wing, dismissing anything other than border and workplace enforcement as “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

The backlash has intensified in recent days after Rubio reiterated his positions on immigration in a national Spanish-language interview, leading some Hispanic leaders to accuse him of placing his political ambitions above the needs of his community.

“There’s a Benedict Arnold feeling,” said Jorge Mursuli, a Cuban immigrant and executive director of Miami-based Democracia, a Hispanic civic engagement group. “Having known him, his political career and knowing where he comes from — a hardworking immigrant family — one has to wonder what it is that he’s thinking or how his political ambitions outweigh his life experiences. ... It’s not only disappointing; it’s disheartening and, frankly, almost unbelievable.”

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