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ATTN: RON PAULIANS - VOTE HERE. This is the AFA/Value Voters poll. We need to let them know that the "religious right" they are wooing supports Dr. Paul, and not one of the neocons they are shilling for (Cain, Palin, etc.).

Cain went from like 4% to 23% in about ten minutes. I think the AFA didn't like seeing RON PAUL leading with 40%. Now he's down to 21%.

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PLEASE Break the link!!!

We should know by now that putting a link to a poll leaves an electronic trail to the DP!!!

Please replace with this link:
ht tp://www.afa.net/poll/

We should protect the DP and more importantly protect our privacy by breaking the link. As a result, poll participants would need to cut and paste the link.

Very important to know this for the future!!!

Need more votes

RP 16% - Cain 24%

Jack Wagner

Cain Gains

Cain is pulling away by the minute.

C'mon guys. I could only vote once.