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US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack

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That would explain why Obama

That would explain why Obama did his late night speech a few weeks ago. Get people thinking about Pakistan, declare them an unstable country, say they are supporting terrorists, and then say we need to protect our interests by stabilizing Pakistan before their nukes fall into evil hands. Thus, our only option is to invade, destabilize, and install a massive military presence for our protection.

Possible scenario

If the US dollar crashes it will be blamed on China. Could this be the precipitating event? The PTB will benefit in many ways. They get to expand the AfPak War, they get to blame China for the dollar collapse, and it appears as if China was the aggressor. People will beg the government to save them from the dollar crisis caused by the Chinese menace.

Our 15 biggest creditors

Why would China get the blame when the dollar crashes? The Federal Reserve Bankers own 5 times more of our debt than China.
Our 15 biggest creditors
We owe:
15. Canada - - - - - - -$3.6 billion.
14. Hong Kong- - - - - -$138.9 billion
13. Cayman Islands' banking centers- - -$146.3 billion.
12. Brazil- - - - - - -$184.4 billion
11. OPEC- - - - - - -$210.4 billion
10. Insurance Industry- - - - -$261.8 billion
9. Domestic Commercial Banks and Credit Unions- -$269.8 billion
8. British Government Entities - - -$511.8 billion
7. US Government Entities (state & local)- - -$511.8 billion
6. Mutual Funds- - - - - -$637.7 billion
5. Pension Funds- - - - - -$706.4 billion
4. Japan- - - - - - -$877.2 billion
3. China- - - - - - - -$895.6 billion
2. Holders of U.S. Savings Bonds- - - -$1.458 trillion
1. United States Federal Reserve Banks- - -$5.351 trillion!

Speaking of lies

Live in Liberty
Tom Rankin

Except in the case of drone attacks

the UN has condemned them and they were considered illegal, therefore their control centers in the US must be deactivated. For the first time in this mess we will have targets on US soil.

The drones attack "terrorists" and beside Osama was in Pak

The drones aren't firing on the Chinese yet. If China retaliates against the US in defense of Pak's sovereignty then the spin will be China defends OBL and "the terrorists" because they're greedy for Pak's resources.

Thae spin is now too transparent

By the time the articles and forums called the shots before they unfolded, the scenario is stale. Not to mention, China has the deck stacked in their favor as far as foreign support, they aren't concerned about western spin.

It's escalating damned fast.

There was also another drone strike earlier today, 7 killed

Pak official want to stop accepting US aid.


Thanks Sandra

anyway, I never thought I would hear a country is being urged by its public servants to refuse further financial aid from America. Usually they, 'take the money and run.'

Did I miss something here?


+ 1

Thanks Sandra.

Paul Craig Roberts in recent weeks was pointing to this escalation over there as was Ron Paul just days ago.
Here PCR:

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
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It just keeps getting better

By 2012 we may be too far gone for a Ron Paul presidency to help. Not that I will stop trying, but it is scary.

Sad. No comments????

Such an important story and no comments. Active forum topics loaded with polls, songs and trivia. C'mon folks, this isn't "American Idol". China is the first country to threaten us since the Cuban missle crisis. Isn't that important?

I think

it's probably because there already was a thread about this yesterday:

Plus I started a thread on an Sunday attack in Pakistan:

Also see:

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Bump iT!

I agree this is BIG news. Don't forget to vote in the poll on the right side, should we end the war on terror now that we got osama.

Saw a similar story elsewhere on the weekend

We had better start thinking with our brains rather than other body parts. Dr. Paul has also been warning about our aggression toward Pakistan.