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Two D.C. transit cops tackle man in wheelchair - Video

Posted on 05.23.11
By David Edwards
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Video uploaded Sunday showed two Washington D.C. transit cops taking down a man in a wheelchair.

The video seems to show the two officers lifting the man out of the chair and slamming him to the ground but officials claim otherwise.

The man “resisted arrest which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair,” authorities told The New York Daily News.

The suspect appears to be lying on the ground bleeding following the scuffle.

Watch this video, uploaded to YouTube May 22, 2011.

Those are some real men, let me tell ya!

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I sense a promotion is in the offering ;)

I think these police watch Family Guy way too much imo. Must be part of the training lol



He was trying to stand up. Get him! Break his face! Police Stats, US

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"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Just plain sick.

An easy fix for the power-hungry thugs in blue.

I hope the guy gets the video

I hope the guy gets the video and SUE'S the bastards. This is a joke.

If a chicken gets attacked, the others try to save it

What does that make bystanders in these situations?

I do believe that would make them pussies....

However look how many people were video taping, I counted at least 3 people. Video taping cops takes a certain amount of balls, remember the camera is the new gun.

Best result of video taping police....

There is on thing I absolutely love about video taping police is that even when they are backed up by the courts and their fellow officers, they might win is the court of law, but they sure as hell lose in the court of public opinion. From the cop in Seattle that shot the wood carver to officers who hassle people open carrying, they end up destroying their personal lives. Just look up "officer bubbles G20" on youtube, this guy had to take down his facebook page because of comments, this is not an exception, it is a rule. Or really any other case where a stupid cop is over stepping his authority, they end up losing big time in the long run. That is as long as things are video taped and the guilty parties are identified.


this is crazy. Glad he got it on camera.

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