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Sign & Video Days

This election is going to be tougher this time around. We have already seen the smear campaign begin with the medias obsession on "leaglizing heroin".

We have to get out in front of Dr. Paul and rally before him.

I suggest choosing a date to do a sign bomb accross the nation.

As well as a video bomb on You Tube with each of us giving Ron Paul a personal endoresment. All at once..we can raise a million $ in a day...but without spending a dime...how many videos can we make in a day!!

I hope the RP campagin is following the forums because the ideas are coming in fast and I can see the momentum building!!

We are ready to go..our cars have the magnets, our friends have the bumper stickers, we are ready and waiting by the phones for when the campaign needs us. We are getting our precinct in order.

I leave it to the DP and other forums to choose the dates and we will rally!

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