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Poo poo polls for Paul

Or, "Why Zogby is back pedalling apologetically for his own poll," and, 'why Ron Paul is going to kick ass on election day".
As a sometimes Zogby pollee, I know that political phone polls are made by calling two lists mashed together.

List one comes from the state board of elections showing the names and addresses of people who had asked for a Republican ballot in previous primaries. Since Bush was the only real choice in the 2004 primary, you have to go back 7 years to the 2000 primary to get any non-Bush supporters. The two biggest vote getters in 2000 were warhawk John McCain and double warhawk George Bush. Everybody else stayed home or switched parties.
Almost anyone on that list is either a pro-war, anti-free speech McCain supporter or even more likely a pro-war anti-constitutional rights Bush supporter. Both are natural enemies of Ron Paul. If they use more recent off year election lists that only die hard voters appear on, you'll find it's the same people!

But those lists lack phone numbers, so, Zogby and the other pollsters buy a CD with a gazillion home phone numbers that could be purchased at Office Max for $20. On that list are aging hard line old fogey style telephone numbers. They take the phone numbers from the CD and add them to the names on the Republican primary voter list. Anyone not on BOTH lists is eliminated. Once the parasitic host gets on the combination list, they are called over and over again, year after year until the phone number is disconnected.

Absent from the call list is any of the 190 million unlisted cell phones, new phone numbers or 18 million voice-over-internet phones such as Vonage, Skype or Comcast. Ron Paul strongholds in Alaska, Hawaii and military voters abroad are also not used.

Conclusion: The target polee is the little lady at home, or a retired or an intrenched disabled pro-war Neocon who gets their political information from the foundering desperate mainstream TV or the foundering and desperate newspapers. Desperate for campaign advertising cash. Most of these media sources boycotted Ron Paul, resulting in low poll figures, until he raised 20 million dollars for campaign advertising. $20,000,000.00 = newsworthy. What a coincidence.
These poll respondents are not on a no-solicitation list nor are they too busy to spend time answering leading questions from a total stranger.
They don't have broadband internet, cuz' if they did, they'd have a cheaper but unlisted Vonage or Comcast phone. They don't get out much or they would have a cell phone, unlisted of course.

So. In order for Ron Paul to get a percentage in one of these polls, he has to convince antique set-in-their-ways TV watching Bush supporters and holed up hermit McCain voters to renounce their political ways.

Ron Paul's poll numbers are not indications of support. They are CONVERTS. The 180 degree turned around converted enemies of peace and freedom.

Zogby has rejected far superior random digital dialing. Is it because he's cheap, or is it tougher to control results for his paying customers? I like him but cynically suspect an agenda. You decide?

P.P.S. Oh yeah. Zogby- is a Democrat . Whatever. http://zogby.com/search/ReadNews.dbm?ID=1311

Washington Post phone figures http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/07...
More phone figures http://www.sunrocket.com/about/mediaroom/news/2006/bizwk_0505/



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Straw polls and internet polls are the most accruate

Due to reasons listed above, the big media polls are BS.

Honestly I think the internet polls are more accurate. Yes, they can be skewed. Sometimes they are on a web site that only gets one type of target audience. Some of them are very basic and use cookies to make sure you don't vote twice. Some are a little better and won't allow an IP address to vote twice, but even that can be overcome. But when Ron Paul wins most of these polls by huge percentages, it would require several people voting over and over and over and over and over again to skew the results.

Voting and deleting a cookie, voting, deleting, voting, deleting, voting... I mean how freaking boring is that? There aren't to many people who are going to seriously sit there and do that over and over again. Same with changing IP addresses or spoofing them.

Straw polls are groups of registered Republicans who got up off their ass and went down to a place to vote. Not everyone who is polled by big media or the internet is really going to get up and go vote on election day. The people who go to the straw polls can only vote once. And the majority of these polls have been won by Ron Paul.

We're winning this. The money alone speaks for itself. Romney could beat Ron Paul's fundraising if he wants. He just has to write a check to himself. But no matter how many millions of dollars Romney gives himself, his vote still counts only once. Most of Ron Paul's donations have been small, around $100. Each donation is a vote. Keep in mine many people who vote don't donate.

Thanks for the info

Good information there.

If someone wanted to do an honest poll that would accurately reflect the likely outcome of voting, how would they go about doing that? Is there any way to poll people with only cell phones?

Instead of calling registered Republicans who previously voted in primaries, wouldn't you get better numbers by calling random numbers?