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More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working

oh yeah, you are going to LOVE this! the picture of Obama is priceless!

Recent data provided by the nation’s largest health insurance companies reveals that a provision of the Affordable Care Act – or Obamacare – is bringing big numbers of the uninsured into the health care insurance system.

And they are precisely the uninsured that we want– the young people who tend not to get sick.


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Is the rising health care

Is the rising health care costs more to do with Regulation? Or Inflation?

I got health insurance 4 years ago and they keep jacking my monthly payment. I started at 105, this year they want it to be 250. Which is a 238% increase over the 4 years.

I thought being responsible and having a high deductible(3500) with limited to none co-pay would ensure that my rates stay low... but apparently not. I am only 27 and rarely go to the doctors.

Now with the Obama-care out, I am afraid to change my plan since this plan was grandfathered in before all the new regulations. So If I change, all the new regs would apply to any new plan.

what is a Doctor? and what does he do?

what is "healthcare". since it is a service,[depending on how you view the term] [there are only two things in life, goods and services]
not to be confusing or cryptic, but what is "insurance"
is it gambling?

food for thought. the answer lies in your Genetics.

peace, brother.

Doctors are technicians. I am a technician.

doctors work on a different machine than I do, heck, they only work on one model! [OK, 2 styles...]

what does a Doctor sell? his time and.....ummm... well.


same as me.

hmmm yea. I understand that

hmmm yea. I understand that his time and services are what is being paid. Insurance is a form of "backup". I just don't understand why it has been going up at such a high rate.

Hey, Don't Lump Me In With The Female Model If I Need Repairs

None of my parts match theirs, not even my software is compatible.

The Oracle

that would be like confusing an ice machine,

with a heat pump!

ha! LOL!!!

Of course that is who they want

people who do not need it. what happened to the Record profits ? they should not need anyone after ripping us off ALL these years, like we were told during the campaign.


the Ministry of Health,

will see you now.

Can they

heal my wallet?