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DailyCaller Poll; Who can beat Obama?

The DailyCaller has a poll up on their front page asking which potential Republican candidate has the greatest chance of beating Obama.

The DailyCaller is a one of the least biased news sites online. It was started by Tucker Carlson and pulls news stories that have both a liberal and conservative mindset. It also has opinion pieces by a wide spectrum of political wonks. I ave read both very positive and negative articles on the site.

Currently without any Grassroots attention Ron Paul has a slight lead, which is a victory in itself.

*Ron Paul 32.18%*
Herman Cain 29.31%
Tim Pawlenty 22.41%
Newt Gingrich 1.72%
Gary Johnson 0%
None of the above 14.37%

Vote here, replace the xx with tt and scroll down the page

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