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Rand Paul threatens to hold up PATRIOT Act!

From Politico:

Rand Paul threatens to hold up Patriot Act
By SCOTT WONG & MANU RAJU | 5/23/11 7:23 PM EDT

A bill extending provisions of the Patriot Act that expire this week easily cleared a major hurdle in the Senate on Monday, but it could face delays if Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) decides not to hold votes on proposed changes to the legislation.

Freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a vocal critic of the counter-terrorism surveillance law, threatened Monday to “drag out” the process if Reid fails to hold votes on some of the nine amendments Paul introduced or co-sponsored on Monday. Paul, a libertarian-minded tea-party senator, noted that Reid had promised earlier this year to set aside a week’s worth of debate on the bill and allow votes on amendments.


When asked whether he would try to block the bill if he’s denied votes on his amendments, Paul replied: “I will make them drag it out if we don’t get some votes, because I was promised votes on amendments and we’ll stand firm on that,” adding that he’ll do “whatever it takes.”

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EDIT: Here is the complete list of amendments Rand has proposed to the PATRIOT Act:

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Thank You Rand.. now we need

Thank You Rand.. now we need your brother to run for the Senate in Texas.

Rand Paul, like his great father has a HUGE pair

Its too bad most of the others have sold their souls.

Thank you, Rand


I hope he fillibusters it!

I hope he fillibusters it!

Glenn Greenwald called out Diane Feinstein

for her comments directed at Rand about the consequences of not extending the Patriot Act. He basically said it was shameful Bush-style fear-mongering to get a piece of legislation passed, except now it's the Democrats doing it.

Great article, he gives credit where it's due

And he links to another article at the bottom that gives the transcript of Rand talking to Anderson Cooper about how ineffective the Senate is.

By George, I think he's got it!


Vote Well Spent

He's Actually Doing What He Said He Would Do! He's doing what he was elected for. So Frickin Awesommmeee!


Once again

a Paul is a lone voice in government trying to hold out-of-control government bureaucrats and cowards at bay.

Here is the complete list of amendments

Rand has proposed to the PATRIOT Act, all nine of them:

Rand is a chip off the old block

We are fortunate to have him in the Senate. I hope he filibusters and really annoys them.

Thank you,


Wonder where Mike Lee was on

Wonder where Mike Lee was on that? Something big seems to be going on in there.