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"Too Big To Fail" HBO Film...I'd love some insight, please!

Being a Ron Paul Supporter for over 4 years, officially (I am a "veteran" now- laid groundwork for the first campaign).

I am TRYING desperately to get my mind around this 2008 Financial/Bailout/TARP. I watched the film "Inside Job", narrated by Matt Damon. I just watched the fictional documentary on HBO; "Too Big Too Fail." The first film, Inside Job, somewhat like "Capitalism: A Love Story", gave me the impression that the 2008 Bubble Burst Financial Clusterf*ck was a planned, calculated ROBBERY of the US citizens. I'm not an economist. I'm not a mathematician. I am NOT a financial person...at ALL. I'm someone that has very small standards in the aspect of money.

If ANYONE has seen these three, or at least the HBO "Too Big To Fail" I would appreciate any commentary or explanation. The HBO Film was portraying the financial players that I've come to be very suspicious of as being, at worst: stubborn, uber-wealthy, greedy career-financial agents that could have done better...and, at BEST: SAVIORS of the American Society! Essentially, the HBO Film's message was "If they hadn't passed TARP, we would have plunged into Great Depression-on-Steroids 2k+8 Version." It wasn't pretty, but it was absolutely necessary!

All of these banking terms and Hollywood agendas and some intent of explaining what MAY have happened did more to confuse me than anything. Especially given the fact that I was a fervent Paul campaign supporter and confronted my own House Rep. in-person and chided him publicly in front of other constituents.

HELP ME UNDERSTAND! I realize the alternative is only speculation.

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any input helps

Paul Giamatti plays ben Bernanke and his "character" comes off as one of the most "wise" of all. A quote from the movie: "I have spent my academic life studying the Great Depression and if this is not passed, the country will experience something far worse than what happened then."

This whole thing sounds almost like these financial "wizards" are like philosophers! There's no proven, or prove-able, "correct way" to build a financial system! They sort of guess at it and try it and if it appears to work then they were "right."

I also concluded from the HBO film that what MIGHT have happened if the TARP bill was not passed would have been the biggest ponzi-scheme collapse in history. It would have brought down ALL of us! Sent us back centuries in economic terms.

Sent us back centuries?


DailyBell did a piece on this

DailyBell did a piece on this

NOTE: the players that show up to the primer and the companies they represent.

I was (not) surprised by Time Warner - you know, the people that own the music company that released and owns the property of MUSE - this years Grammy winner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfMMiclLkUM

I love this song...but you know America is being primed for something...by design.

Yes and Yes!

America is being primed for something...by design.

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MANY, MANY, MANY THANKS for that article! It definitely gave me some better understanding! It basically brought me BACK to the more simple understanding I had prior to viewing the HBO Film! That understanding was "Let these crooks sink themselves." I must believe it would impact the masses, but there's always a new crooked system waiting!

To Big to Fail?

Usually I'm very satisfied with HBO and the products they produce. However, this was a sham. The guy that wrote this book is a political pundit often seen on MSNBC's Morning Joe. This movie or book never addressed the newfound and uncovered by Rolling Stone magazine due to the efforts by Ron Paul no less in which RS revealed that a couple of these Wall St wives got 220 million dollars for FREE!!! from the FEDERAL RESERVE. I don't think the way in which this was portrayed in the movie is in any fashion of how it really went down. Ben Bernake acting so concerned and talking about all of his studies into the depression and why it happened? PLEASE! Like he doesn't know the truth of his own organization and how it came to be. This was all neatly packaged with tons of hollywood stars tied together with political pundits writing the narrative to be sold to the STUPID and NAIVE American public. Wall St? Saviors? Disgusting.


I agree, to a point

I have/had that same opinion. This film implied, however, that regardless of how we feel toward these crooks, their 'system' was, and still is, connecting rich and poor. It connects those making money from nothing with people making REAL COMMODITIES! It's like they've taped dynamite to themselves and if we don't go along with them, then they'll light the fuse.