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Completely obvious Ron Paul is the ONLY real Republican candidate: WE CAN AND MUST WIN; No discouragement...

I don't really see why any other Republican is even trying to run, and in fact it is obvious why Huckabee and Trump and all these other candidates have simply bowed out. They all know they are fake, uncommitted to any real cause at all and that they cannot possibly win.

Tim Pawlenty? For real? You have to be kidding me. Totally contrived, no real honest objective. Mitt Romney again? We all see how that soulless creature spoke last time. On any Constitutional issue his response was: I will need to speak to my advisors... huh? WTF. You need advisors on whether or not torture should be used or the Patriot Act should be reinstated? Err.. umm... yea. Herman Cain? Federal Reserve shill. Gary Johnson? Not even 10% the following that Ron Paul has.

This is just completely obvious. Now is the time. If Ron Paul does not win it is because the American people are just way too stupid to be saved or because the Diebold polls were fixed, or both. In fact, this time around it seems Ron Paul has even more media attention from the mainstream than any of the other candidates!!! He is even the only candidate with a following (the host from Morning Joe ok fine watevs, but at least Judge Napolitano!!!) No one even likes or wants to vote for any other candidate.

I really don't think we need to be discouraged at all. In fact things look very optimistic. And if Ron Paul loses just assume it is God damning us all to hell for being stupid and lazy. It is God sticking a fork in it and calling it done. Because this is the perfect candidate. This is who we really really really need at this time in our country's history without a doubt. It was bad before it is worse now. This is like Lord of the Rings with the world having turned into Morhdorh and Obama and Rockefeller being Sauron. I mean it doesn't really get worse than this and we only have one chance and Ron Paul is Gandalf or something.

I mean have you ever seen such utterly despicable, decadent, dark, inpenetrable evil taking place in all of American history as it is right now? Federal agents grabbing children's genitals? Warrantless searches? Tasering? Billion dollar bailouts to banking elites? Poisonous geothermal chem-trailing? Spying and surveillance? Multiple undeclared wars? The UN openly running the US and US policy? Mass arrests? Free speech zones? Media blackouts? Sci-fi crowd control devices and xray machines? Purposeful planned destruction of the entire economy? Massive currency devaluation? Hold on let me answer that for you... NO. America has never been this perverse, stupid, retarded, evil, lazy, media-controlled, socialist, and fascist. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER!!!

Has there ever been a presidential candidate as intelligent and well-qualified as Ron Paul since Thomas Jefferson himself? Hold on let me answer that for you again. NO!!!! NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER. So if it is going to happen it better ------- happen right now. This is truly live free or die.

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The "funny" thing is

If they supported RP, RP would win, but the GOP leadership would rather lose the election to Barry Soetoro than support RP! Why? Because RP is more of a threat to their interests (war, war industry, corrupt banking industry, etc...) than Barry and the 'other' side.

So True.

But we will still try, and I got a feeling that this time, we might just do it. Especially, if the dollar collapses between now and November 2012.

So sad...

but so true...

It seems like only prayers

It seems like only prayers can help us now.

Do me a favor...

As you pray, please be wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt and holding up a Ron Paul 2012 sign.

At the end of your prayers, please shout Ron Paul for President!

Might as well pray...

Doesn't seem like anyone REALLY wants Ron Paul to win. If they did, we would have tons of threads on how people became local official GOP County Committeemen and thus official precinct leaders of the GOP party. It's all here in THE PLAN, the blueprint to victory.

But since we're not really doing that, we might as well pray. It should work.

I'm assuming you are your County's Committeeman?

If so, please share your experience, show people how you did it and talk about the process.

If not, then quit praying and follow your own advice.

I tried to get a bunch of people to make monthly contributions to RP through Givv.org (http://givv.org/recipients/ron-paul-2012), but not a single person from any RP forum or group has done it. But a couple other people have, and I have, and that's something.

If you are only in this as long as everyone does YOUR plan, then that's not cool. Help out as you can and share your experience so others may replicate it if they are able.

Not everyone has time to be a committeemen, I assume you do though right? So just do it!

Jack Wagner

Thanks for asking : )

In my area, I'm only required to get a petition with 5 signatures so I'm on the ballot to be a committeeman. There is no competition. No one really runs against you. I attended the GOP County meetings. I never say a peep. I just smile and nod my head.

My only goal is to go door to door to REGISTERED REPUBLICANS. But that wasn't enough. I narrowed the list further. I only went to REGISTERED REPUBLICANS who actually VOTE in PRIMARY ELECTIONS. Sad to say--NO ONE ELSE COUNTS, and it makes my job easier too. General elections mean nothing to me. I live in strong GOP district. Democrat votes don't count. I'm not competing with them in the general election. My fight is during the GOP primary. That is the ONLY election for me.

I only care about my precinct. I tell them about RP-like candidates running for mayor, Congressman, sheriff, governor, etc...
I get the election results online for my precinct. THAT'S my report card. As long as I win my precinct, I did my job. 2 out of 3 of the last primaries since 2007, I GOT MY WAY!!!

Just go door to door; wear a cheesy sport jacket and a fruity ribbon that says GOP County Committeeman. People will open the door to talk to you. They will get swayed. It works! It costs us no money!!! Just effort and time.

I honestly can't afford much on the money bombs. I will drop 10-20 bucks every month on the money bomb. I really can't afford more. But there is NO MONEY that can buy the efforts of a GOP County Committeman. A presidential candidate would need billions of dollars to get county committeemen in every county of America.

This merely the power of one County Committeeman. I can explain more of what can be done if there is a majority of RP-type County Committeeman...

I am

far as I know I'm still Chairman of Precinct 137 in Tom Green County, TX.

Haven't been active in the last year or so, but they know me. They're all pretty much McCain supporter types. Good people... just...

The phrase I use is "agreed with into the ground". Every topic I've talked to anyone about, they agree with my position. And then say something like "And That's why we need to vote for McCain!" right after. It's kinda frustrating. Agreed with into the ground.

But I've been to the State GOP Convention twice, as a delegate. Don't get far after that. Have made a few connections in other Senatorial Districts, but as far as I can tell, in mine... there's like... two of us or something. They like my warm body being there, unable to have a mandate.

It just gets me, cause they really are good people imo. Agreed with into the ground.

Oh! How'd I get there? Showed up to my "Precinct Convention" after voting in the primary. I was the only one there. I'm Chairman. Showed up to the County Convention as a delegate from my precinct. Our County doesn't have enough actual Bodies to fill all the spots we're allotted. Basically makes me automatically a delegate to the State Convention.

From there I never know what to do, but I've a feeling the place to do what needs to be done is at the County Convention.

Interesting story...

Sounds like you're really hurting for more people and guidance to change things. Moreover, you are in control; you simply need guidance.

1. Have you signed to be a precinct leader w/ C4L? I bet they would have good info for you!
2. Also are you a part of your local Ron Paul meetup group? They knew how to get into committee spots...I would be clueless w/o them! Search locally here: http://ronpaul.meetup.com/


Pretty much. We had a Ron Paul meetup group, I only went to 1 meeting and there were... hmm... 5 people there?

The one that Ran the meeting was with me at the County convention... (never saw the others again) think it was 2007? But, he didn't make it to the commitee meetings, so it was just me wandering from committee meeting to committee meeting. Found the resolutions one and was able to defend the resolution expressing no confidence in McCain I submitted, (the Boy Scout resolution went all the way to state) and all the (R)'s that were in the room later told me I did well... ("That's why we need to vote for McCain!".... What!?)

Also wandered into the... credentials? meeting... that's where because I was Sitting there, they kinda had to make me an Alternate. Was later made full delegate and was a full delegate 2 years later without any trouble.

They offered to put me on... Rules? Resolutions? I forget which comittee it was for the next County Convention but I told them I'm probably not the best for that as I'd probably muck things up unintentionally. I do want to do things the right way.... they know I'm honest here... but I've nobody but my shadow to practice robert's rules with lol...

The Meetup group fell apart very quickly.

I *Thought* I signed up to be a precinct leader with the C4L, but haven't followed through to make sure, or made any effort to track down if I'm really in or not. Email gets so flooded with this group and that group....

I don't even Want to be involved in politics... it's just... politics won't leave me alone, so I Have to be involved. "They" Forced me to show up those years ago, or I'd be home playing video games all day, tending a garden, reading fiction, playing guitar... or something.

Wow, I gotta say you're

Wow, I gotta say you're awesome for sticking it out! I hope you con't stick it out in spite of the apathetic people surrounding you. I would say it's also due to these apathetic ppl that you're able to go all the way to the state convention and become a delegate.

Do you even have any local like-minded friends who would join you? Most of my friends are dems so I rarely get into politics w/ them. I know that C4L has the two statuses for precinct leadership. One is a volunteer. Another has a membership fee. You pay $25 (last I checked in 2008) and they send you tons of voter info in your precinct. I never did it myself as my RP meetup group leaders help when I get lost. However, I think C4L may offer you guidance. Not sure. But sounds like you're doing fine.

The apathy is disheartening but don't let it get you down. Keep up the good work. You're better off there as a delegate making resolutions than not.

I wish more people were doing what you're doing.

I'm not...

But my county committee has been infiltrated by RP supporters already.

It's a nice position to be in!

I'm a county committeeman.

My experiences are not good.

It is said that the local politics here is a bloodsport. I witnessed it hands on.

For me, I learned about things and asked questions, read the rules, witnessed endorsing voter fraud. It has taken its toll.

It seems to infiltrate you sort of have to ignore any wrong doings and keep your mouth shut there, be an ultimate poop boy they want us to be, and then somehow when I have kissed their asses and let them know I am submissive, I can start to educate on topics that they cannot connect me as being knowledgeable on Ron Paul.

Congrats for those that were able to infilitrate. But none of the RP people in our area will get involved in the political process.
They pretty much have been no-shows. It has eaten at me so bad.

I want to grab people by the ears and scream wake the F up

I have a hard time keeping my cool when trying to bring pepole up to speed.

When you have to debate the old tired talking points of the neocons with someone its very frustrating,and hard not to just come out and say you are fucking asleep wake the F up.

Ron Paul is only choice if your eyes are open it should be as obvious as the nose on your face and the fact that I have to explian it to you means your head is up your ass.

But we must go through this exercise to get what we want.

good luck all


Gandalf the White:

...I come back to you now - at the turn of the tide.

And to all the incompetent opponents Ron Paul will encounter at the debates:

Be silent. Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth. I did not pass through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm.


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

I believe if we do win

or if we lose, TPTB are going to heat this whole thing up, and I agree with your assessment that maybe God will be sticking a fork in it very soon. I am still in 100% for Ron Paul and all of you because I am not going down without a fight. I am gonna go down standing on my own two feet with all of you standing on yours. Don't forget to pray, we all have a direct contact to our Creator. KUTGW!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Ron Paul needs a really good dvd

I would like for someone who is close enough to the Ron Paul campaign to ask them to produce a dvd that everyone can copy and hand out with Ron Paul giving his views on Freedom (what REAL FREEDOM is) and his views on other subjects without them being in short soundbites so people can see for themselves exactly why he votes as he does and why his views are what they are.

The main problem is most people have no idea what 'REAL FREEDOM' is so they misinterpret what Ron Paul is trying to say. Most people including those in CON-gress have never read the Constitution and have no idea what it says.

We 'NEED' to educate the masses and the grass roots will do this if they have the tools to do it.

The dvd needs to be divided into subjects that can be clicked onto one at a time so a person can watch it a little at a time without them having to go back to the beginning.

Most people have their pet issues and Ron needs to address these issues at length, without being interrupted and running out of time to help those who simply don't understand the true meaning of 'FREEDOM'.

Someone PLEASE make this suggestion to the Ron Paul campaign.

good posts deserve bumps


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Yeah..!! How come you left

Yeah..!! How come you left out genetically modifying our food--including animals..?
You are right on in that Liked it a lot.