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Israel Loves the Republican Party--by Pat Buchanan

Why would the leader of a nation of 7 million that is dependent on U.S. arms, foreign aid and diplomatic support choose to humiliate a president who could be sitting in that office until 2017?

The one explanation that makes sense is that Netanyahu sees Obama as more sympathetic to the Palestinians and less so to Israel than any president since Jimmy Carter, and he, Netanyahu, would like to see Obama replaced by someone more like the born-again pro-Israel Christian George W. Bush.

And indeed, the Republicans and the right, Mitt Romney in the lead, accusing Obama of "throwing Israel under the bus," seized on the issue and, almost universally, have taken Netanyahu's side.

This could be a serious problem for the president and his party in 2012. For, consider:

In 2008, Obama won the African-American vote 95 to 4, or 16 to 1. He won the Jewish vote 78 to 21, by 57 points, a historic landslide.

These are arguably the two most reliable of Democratic voting blocs.

And while the Jewish vote may be only one-seventh of the black vote, it has proven decisive in the crucial state of Florida. Moreover, Jewish contributions, by some estimates, may make up half of all the contributions to the Democratic Party.


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The more Israel presses US politicians...

the greater the backlash by US voters against Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu turns to Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could hardly ask for a more inviting venue than the Capitol, where he’ll deliver his second speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

“Bibi” and his policies are more popular on Capitol Hill than at the White House, where he lectured President Barack Obama on the finer points of recent Middle East history last week, and is even better received than in his own nation’s legislature, the Knesset.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0511/55551.html#ixzz1NG...

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Why would this surprise anyone?

Our congress is just a puppet goverment owned by zionist Isreal full of payed whores and dual citizen agents. The only people in the world that don't know this is the dumbed down American sheeple.