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Dr. Paul to appear on CNBC Squawk Box Wed 5/25

Part of a series on the current Republican candidates.

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Ron Paul needs a really good dvd

I would like for someone who is close enough to the Ron Paul campaign to ask them to produce a dvd that everyone can copy and hand out with Ron Paul giving his views on Freedom (what REAL FREEDOM is) and his views on other subjects without them being in short soundbites so people can see for themselves exactly why he votes as he does and why his views are what they are.

The main problem is most people have no idea what 'REAL FREEDOM' is so they misinterpret what Ron Paul is trying to say. Most people including those in CON-gress have never read the Constitution and have no idea what it says.

We 'NEED' to educate the masses and the grass roots will do this if they have the tools to do it.

The dvd needs to be divided into subjects that can be clicked onto one at a time so a person can watch it a little at a time without them having to go back to the beginning.

Most people have their pet issues and Ron needs to address these issues at length, without being interrupted and running out of time to help those who simply don't understand the true meaning of 'FREEDOM'.

Someone PLEASE make this suggestion to the Ron Paul campaign.

How about.....

Us, the "grass roots", putting one together and having it duplicated for ourselves and the cause? Maybe take EACH issue and show what spin and hype the media puts on Dr. Paul's message and then include the TRUTH clips to refute them? I have talked to Ron at "onedollardvdproject" about getting some help in doing that as he is willing to duplicate them but does not have the time to assemble one AND duplicate/distribute them. I do not have the skills to assemble one but I can hunt for clips, etc. if someone(s) has those skills. Ron can make them available to us and also market them on his site.

The BEST stuff from '08 came out of the grass roots efforts such as the "R3VOLUTION", the blimp, the limo, "Google Ron Paul", and all the thing that were going on so any 'takers'?

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947