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Pima County Sheriff Acknowledges His Department Condones Violation Of Constitutional Rights


When questioned generally about his Department's interrogation policies, Sheriff Dupnik gave the following revealing answers:

Q. [to Dupnik] Suppose a detective is interrogating someone and the person very clearly and unambiguously says I do not want to answer any questions until I have a lawyer present.

A. And then they continue to ask questions?

Q. Yes. Is that a violation of any policy of the Pima County Sheriff's Department?

A. No, sir.

Q. So your office condones that?

A. Yes, sir.

Sheriff Dupnik is in charge of the Pima County Sheriff's Office. This is the county that Tucson, AZ is located within. They apprehended a rape suspect only to find that they really had no evidence against him. However, they interrogated him past the point where he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and his right to legal counsel. They did this knowing full well that they were violating his rights.


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