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Ron Paul needs to fight an "unconventional" war this election

Suffice it to say, Ron Paul will be treated unfairly by the GOP and press again this election. Any arguments on this? I didn't think so. What can Ron Paul do about it? He needs to start naming names of his key cabinet people. For instance, Judge Napolatino (or whatever) for his VP pick. Showing decisive leadership determination in choosing early would also help fix the underlying problem: More positive media attention talking about liberty and the need for Ron Paul. They will very easily brush Ron Paul aside again, but if he starting assemblying "his" team, he would have a lot of help in the media. His campaign staff is ultra lame. He needs a shrewd move. What does everybody else do? They wait until the "party" tells them what to do, watching poll after poll, and cutting deal after deal. Away with all that BS! Stand up and show leadership NOW. Don't let 'em keep kicking sand in your face.

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Raising Gradually,

I think RP is raising the threshold gradually, what the eyes and minds can tolerate, = from night to dawn, to the morning light. Sudden exposures can be stunning, damaging to - -.
The conditions are much different from 2008, he is on firmer ground, has established standing, but still a lot of hurdles to cross to reach 2012.
Please also consider - the what if? i.e. alternate plan or route in a given situation. Does the future of the nation depend only on private media and GOP maneuvers??
In the post above and the comments no mention has been made of zion-bank, it is a formidable lobby, or call it force, they influence the media, party leaderships, some churches, and even many secret-clubs in the U$A.
You canNot bang heads to this wall. Some walls came down in the past =(Berlin), other walls are coming up in-spite of world-wide protestations against the walls being built around Jeru'Salem.

To the Lobby non-intervention is not acceptable. So a lot of mental energy, words, time and diplomatic skills are required, meetings will be sought for conflict resolution, - the question remains on what terms? Zion demands compliance to their demands, or they oppose election of anyone who is divergent to their world-view.

A Suggestion

During debates RP should attempt to point out the many similarities between the other Republican candidates and Obama (except for Johnson). Emphasize that the result of the 2012 election will be virtually irrelevant unless he is the Republican candidate.

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Excellent suggestion

I could not agree more.


he should set himself apart in a good way, instead of the way they are trying to paint him, because he's too nice.

I want to see him take off the gloves, and call a spade a spade. We are in deep trouble, and we must cut to the chase.
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The highest voted will be sent to RP directly.

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I believe I heard him say during an interview

that one "cannot name a VP" etc, until they have the nomination, and that it might break campaign laws to do so.

Yup, it's against the "law"

Yup, it's against the "law" to do that...

Unconventional? Yes. The

Unconventional? Yes. The troops fight the guerrilla war, that is us

As far as naming a cabinet and vp, not only is it a giant distraction, but it is dumb, irrelevant and possibly illegal.


however i was thinking of it as the campaign being the "regular" troops and grassroots as the "guerillas"


(Beat me to it)

I do see a

difference in Ron Paul when being interviewed - seems to shut-down the naysaying right away - that shows leadership.

He does need a strong campaign - getting out there with easily understood information - quickly DISPELLING the twisted lies and myths perpetrated by the opposition and uninformed.

The past three (+) years of horror should be great ammunition to promote change (for lack of a better word).

Perhaps his campaign managers should *openly* seek help from the clever people on Daily Paul and Liberty Forest Forums.

What a great message to the people - that Ron Paul seeks advice from the people and not high-paid, communist-leaning radicals.

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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Yeah, his last Chris Matthews...

...Interview gave me a little thrill up my leg.

"Let me finish! Let me answer!"~ Ron Paul


That Ron gets a little more fired up this time around and starts pointing out the marginalization all of a sudden AGAIN by the Status quo and the Media. Ron wants to win but he also knows that this is about getting the word out and pointing out the obvious that no one wants to see. He needs to start calling out the Media and putting them on the spot in the debates and interviews about how they have treated him in the past, How they treated him all the time before the new Run for POTUS and Now. Yes the media is a private company that can do and have whom ever they want in THEIR PRIVATE DEBATES but this is about the future of our lives and we need some respect, common sense, reason and fairness when it comes to selecting the people that make or break our lives and country.THIS IS NOT A GAME SHOW!!!Yes he needs to address the main issues, although we all know that last time around what caught everyone's attention was that he was the man on the stage that had the Nuts to say what everyone else wasn't..Come on Ron..Tell the country and the world how it really is!!!Don't pander for one second to these clowns. Show us what your like when you have had enough and are PISSED OFF!!! Enough is Enough..Show the folks of this country something they have never seen or heard before!! Show us what your like when you are not going to take it anymore!! Give us the voice that we would have if we had the chance to be on that stage and share our frustration...

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It may be a little premature since his

cabinet picks may be entirely unknown to the vast majority of Americans; and each one will be scrutinized microscopically to find any possible ways to discredit them and thereby discredit the doc. I hope his staff will do a LOT of careful research and vetting of anyone being considered. Maybe float names and let the grassroots research too?