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Ron Paul's New View On Illegal Aliens?

Will this help or hurt him?

A strange thing is afoot in the little libertarian corner of the Republican presidential primary: a race to the left on immigration.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, until recently something of an immigration hawk — no amnesty, no birthright citizenship, no welfare benefits — has, as they say, evolved. Representative Paul was a tough critic of the Bush administration’s “comprehensive reform” (read: “surrender”) project; today, he is calling for amnesty in the form of “green cards with an asterisk.” That asterisk would merely prevent newly legalized green-card holders from collecting welfare benefits or receiving full legal citizenship until certain unspecified mandates had been satisfied. If anything, what Ron Paul is proposing now is as weak as anything contemplated by George W. Bush.


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Illegal Aliens and American Medicine


Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons - 2005


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He said "maybe" *green cards, in a long list of suggestions


Perhaps I should flesh this chapter out more: he offers a lot of suggestions of other ways to deal with this, prefacing it with "there is no easy answer to this, it is a series of problems compounded". An important point of which is immigration in a healthy economy is not a problem.

The OP summation is sizzle-selling hyperbole.

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Since Buckley died, NR has become a neocon rag. Go to YouTube and watch Ron Paul discuss amnesty on "Stossel"; or, better still, buy his book AND watch the video.