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Venting- I pushed my neighbors philosophic boundries today

As I am tending to my garden this morning, I hear a little mutter underneath my headphones. It's Mary, my nextdoor neighbor, wishing me a good morning.

Mary is a nice old lady, who's a little nosey, and likes to preach about bugs and diseases that attack her beautiful yard. Popping my head up above the fence, I notice she has vegetables. I strike up a small conversation commenting on her vegetables. There were some peppers and tomatoes.

Then came the indirect or passive aggressive verbal attack, which I may have taken a little personal. She mentioned how she doesn't like to grow vegetables because of all the bugs they bring into the area. Mind you, that this woman complained about my trees being sick, or my lack of watering the grass during the hot and dry Colorado summers. It's always something. So I tell her not to worry, that I plan on planting some marigolds around my yard to keep some bugs in check.

"oh, they take over- they're pretty though," she said.

In which, I replied, "yeah, gardens sure are alot of work but it feels good to get back to the earth."

"An idealist," she said.

"When are you gonna give up that gas mower then?"

Implying that if I'm so idealistic and when are you gonna do good to the earth and go electric. I about nearly flipped out. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Mary, America is losing her idealism. We are giving up on our ideals and we are giving up on America," I said, as my blood began to percolate.

And that's when, "well then why aren't you railing against the government who take's your money and subsidizes this oil industry you speak of. That's not so idealistic. Not to mention, why aren't we mad over Lybia? If we don't return to our ideals America will be lost forever. We are in Lybia for oil, not for human rights. Otherwise, we'd be in Syria, or Yemen. Why aren't we over there Mary?"

Mary got upset and said, as she throws her tomatoe plant frustratingly down, "what are we gonna do talk and get depressed."

"Depressing?, Mary. I'm thirty five Mary and the government is throwing away my future, and the future of family's around the country. So Mary, I am idealistic because I don't believe they should be printing money like it's going out of style. Wait until the summer, Mary, you'll see the food prices going up," I said.

"They already are!" she exclaimed.

"They are gonna be even higher," I said. "Because we are not idealistic. You're a religious woman, Mary, you live under God's ideals don't you."

"God is bigger than any government. It means nothing because of Him," she muttered.

"No, God put us here to be stewards. We are not doing a very good job of that Mary. We are God, Mary, if you want to change something change yourself. That we can control. Be against the wars, and the printing of endless money, let us bring back ideals to ourselves and America." Walking away, as I put my headphones back in my ears, I said defiantly, "God helps those who help themselves."

I walked away to Bob Marleys, Time will tell.

Any suggestions on how this story continues?

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That's good! You had her listening to you!

You got her to agree that food prices are already rising. I guarantee, she will be thinking about what you said. In your garden, you planted a very important SEED. Watch what grows.

Ann in Florida

We all have those days

and neighbors. Just smile and move on, if things get bad you may need to work together to survive. Good luck.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."