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Ron Paul needs to reach out to specific groups...

Ron Paul needs to reach out to the black and hispanic communities. He needs to reach out to the gay community. He needs to reach out to the independents and the "I don't vote" people.

I am convinced that Ron Paul's message of freedom and liberty would appeal to these groups of people if they ever actually take the time to listen to him.

Most people do not go out and research politicians. They merely sit back and let the media feed them their information. That is how most people determine who they are going to vote for. We all know that the media will always do whatever they can to make Dr Paul look crazy and unelectable. This is exactly what their opinion will be about Dr Paul.

Unless he reaches out to them specifically.

Yes... I know that the message of freedom and liberty does not segregate individuals into groups. But most people don't think that way. His campaign needs to go out of their way to reach out to these groups. He needs to have fund raisers in their communities. He needs to attend and speak at their events. We need Ron Paul commercials and ads directed towards them. I have felt this way for a long time now and with some of the recent articles that I have been reading about Obama getting re-elected, I now feel it is even more important this time around.

While the majority are fighting for equal rights to get married, can you imagine how they will re-think that position after hearing Dr Paul say that the government has no business in marriage at all!?!?

Can you imagine how the black and hispanic community will feel when they hear that he wants to end the war on drugs and pardon all non-violent drug related inmates... considering how the war on drugs most negatively affects them...??

The problem is that they aren't going to go out looking for this message. Especially from a Republican. He needs to reach out to them!

Sometimes this is just so frustrating. IMO, these groups are so vital for Ron Paul to get elected, but it sometimes seems like his campaign is just expecting Dr Paul's message to magically get out to these people. He needs to go out to them. The media isn't going to help. So he has to do it himself!

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