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Iowa Straw Poll at Ames, August 13 - help me write a flyer

Anyone who has input for writing a flyer that I can canvas with please send to me. Between now and the poll I'd like to be able to hand out a flyer with a concise introduction to Ron Paul 2012, why the Iowa Straw Poll is important to attend and any other ideas for people to consider concerning attending the straw poll. Someone here mentioned that it would be good to have a paragraph to address Democrats.
Here is the poll website:

Local campaign chair Brian Horsfield says:

The Iowa Straw Poll at Ames on August 13th is regarded as a pace setter for the GOP Presidential Race.

I would appreciate your views and recommendations as even one important sentence could bring in much higher numbers. Thanks very much!!!

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I would like

…. a cliff note version of “Liberty Defined” to hand out to all of our local county super republican voters. I don’t think a small staple bound booklet will be thrown away as fast as a flyer. Dr. Paul came in second in Pa and in our county in 2008 - he will come in first this time! We have a lot of committed door - to - door workers. It would be great to give something substantial away. If it cost around $1.00 apiece … that would be very doable with our local fund raising for our 12,000 super voters (a super voter is a list we have of republicans that voted in the last 4 elections). We are also considering a large sign for the November General election at each of our 87 precincts (if it is legal) that reads: VOTE HERE APRIL 24 … FOR LIBERTY … RON PAUL 2012. We will take a straw poll and hand out (booklets?), bumper stickers, buttons and sign up more help for our primary. I hope somebody can write a cliff note version with Dr Paul’s approval. It would be nice to have a glossy cover and 15 - 20 printed sheets (60 - 80 pages long) ... maybe at a $1.00 it is not doable ... but we do make signs ... maybe we can staple it ourselves.

Please enjoy, "RON PAUL And All That Jazz"
Central Pa, Lycoming County, Williamsport

Is this

Is this just a general flyer, or are you trying to go for a particular audience? I've been mulling ideas. Here are a couple:

1. Focus on RP's consistency--outstanding character

2. Using points from the Constitution, make a chart comparing RP to other opponents.

3. Define that a vote is a contract and by voting for someone, you actually consent to everything that person does.

I hope these help.

You could also quote Muse.

yes, a general flyer

but not watered down political cliches. I'm good with putting the "heat" on, but to still be factual and respectful. I'd like it to come through that there is grassroot passion (from people of all walks of life) here and not just pat statements; for it to be meaningful, informative but also convey urgency.
The idea is to stimulate enough personal interest that they will take the trip to Ames from wherever they are in the state. This requires a lot more effort for them than to vote in a straw poll vote where they just click a box. Thanks again.


So maybe a little more End the Fed and monetary policy and the future of your kids grandkids maybe?? I would like to see your flyer when you are done, please. Thanks.

Here are some threads

where you might be able to get some copy from. You may have to patch, paste and edit some things, but there is some pretty good info in these threads. It's at least a start.



I'd write something for you , but am trying to finish some things by the end of this week.

thanks Jefferson for the links

I saw several good statements on your "closing statement" post that I like.