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From Grassroots to Corn Stalks: Be an Independent Organizer

I notice that a lot of people on here have a lot of great ideas.

Iowa Straw Poll Phone Bank | County Committee[wo]men | iphone App | Facebook Page | PaulTube, etc.

I was at the SF meetup and saw the same thing, a lot of people with great ideas, but just like here, they were coming from people looking for consent to act.

I said something to the group about just doing the little things they get in the head, instead of waiting to come to the group or asking the group to do it (things like fliers, websites, facebook pages, videos, etc.). Basically, taking the idea of Grassroots to heart and being an Independent actor.

To that, John Dennis (ran against Pelosi for congress last year) said something to the effect of, "Instead of Grassroots I'm going to develop Ron Paul Corn stalks."

Be a Corn stalk. Be strong and independent. Do your thing and join with others who are doing their thing.

I'll put something together this weekend (have a couple RP related articles to write) with a resource list, etc. for the Corn stalk (Grassroots) Movement.

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New topic with link to my article with links to numerous resources: http://dailypaul.com/166163/from-grassroots-to-hemp-stalks-a...

Jack Wagner

Ron Paul Hemp Stalks

we are getting burned out on corn, tobacco & soy - 1 more pain in the butt for establishment neo-cons is the pesky hemp plant, libertarian, independent weeds that will not go away..Stand tall for Dr. Paul from sea to shining sea...

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

here you go

Did my article and reposted the topic on here with your title: http://dailypaul.com/166163/from-grassroots-to-hemp-stalks-a...

Jack Wagner


I like it! Check this out: http://www.hempstalk.org

Probably not the best place for Ron to speak, but would be cool.

The "Hemp Stalk Movement" - I like it. By definition it is independent. By definition it has no leader.

"I am a Hemp Stalk."

"I think for myself."

"I act for myself."

Jack Wagner

Ron Paul for President's picture

sent out the following email to my list

Subject line:
How I would put the Constitution back in the Oval Office by Ron Paul

This details his position on policies.

My Plan for a Freedom President
How I would put the Constitution back in the Oval Office by Ron Paul


Check out his website:

Please forward
Thank you!!

I'm really big on the GOP County Committeeman

However, that doesn't mean other ideas shouldn't be implemented. I simply believe, FIRST become the committeeman then cont your desired idea.

Just having that title, GOP County Committeeman, gives you so much credibility with the normal everyday voters. They get swayed faster. Wear a stupid sport jacket with a stupid ribbon that says GOP County Committeeman and people will be all ears! Remember, it's only a title; there are no designated hours of work or tasks involved. Therefore, you can implement your personal ideas while wearing this title : )

It's a decentralized approach. If we ALL (Daily Paul members) do this...it's UNSTOPPABLE!!! Just simply follow THE PLAN, the blueprint to victory. Btw, it's not a temporary plan--we would do this throughout 2016 and if you enjoy it then even beyond.


--- rEVOLution wins Iowa we win the country -- mark my words.

Love Liberty Peace!

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oh my goodness YES

I encourage everyone to stop phrasing things "[someone other than myself] should [X]". It is so subversively disabling to externalize both problem and solution.

After a while you realize there is no lack of nits to pick, trivia to traipse, or even good ideas, there's a lack of people enacting their good ideas. Saying your idea here does not immortalize it and exempt you from doing it.

I think a lot of people cripple themselves with self-doubt, or self-imposed ignorance of just how many tools we have available today.

I don't want to look back 2 years from now and say "I could have done more!"

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

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Hi, Jon,

How's text italicized and bolded?

A couple days ago I typed < i > without spaces before and after a word to italicize it. After I tapped the Save button, my message appeared and every word except the one between the < i > was italicized. *chuckle* I didn't embolden anything but I assume doing it is the same as italicizing something. If it isn't, please tell me how to embolden, too. Thanks, Jon.

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the compose tips to see all the HTML elements you can use, or head over to w3schools.com and click on one of their "try it yourself" pages to make sense of it.

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Thank You

Thanks, Jon. I think I've got it. Let's see: The DP is fun!

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

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I got the codes to word simultaneously, which I thought wouldn't happen. Awesome!

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton


"Saying your idea here does not immortalize it and exempt you from doing it."

Couldn't have said it better myself. It's hard, because at least the people proposing ideas are positive (as opposed to the downers on here that post every worry and problem). So you want to encourage the positive people, but you also want to motivate them to take charge of their own ideas.

With that said, the R3VOLution is awesome, and every person I meet at meetings and gatherings are incredibly driven and creative people. This is why Ron Paul can win, because we have the people, we just need to continually refine our focus until we are unstoppable RP machines that eat, drink and sleep grassroot-corn-stalks of action.

Jack Wagner

Do you by chance mean "corn

Do you by chance mean "corn stalk"?

It's a nice sentiment, but corn is not so great as a symbol, considering one of the major issues facing our nation is the egregious subsidization and overproduction of corn. It's a GMO product that is turning our farmland into wasteland. The genes are poisoning the indigenous strains of corn in Mexico. This machine is fed by artificial fertilizers, all synthesized with oil. And ultimately corn drives down the cost of unhealthy foods, eventually leading to the obesity crisis.

I agree with the sentiment of building more grassroots support for Ron Paul, but perhaps a different symbology is in order.

We were also talking about Iowa

When John made the comment. But I get ya, corn is currently not our friend. I'm very much involved in the Permaculture movement, and corn is food, but the current GMO, mono-crop, corn based everything, status of corn is no bueno.

What would better symbology be?

Jack Wagner


Just pretend you're a proud heirloom flint, standing tall, with squash enjoying your shade and protecting them from photo-saturation, and beans clinging to you for support...


No...I'm talking about buying stocks in corn...sigh.

Jack Wagner

haha. I had to google it to

haha. I had to google it to make sure my gut was correct. :)

What would be ideal is something that is outside of any specific political leaning or geography. Something that is easy for anyone to connect to. Like the idea of joining hands across America.

The reason I say this is because, I live in a sea of extremely liberal people (Seattle, WA). Ron Paul is the first person I've ever seen any of my liberal friends consider to be a viable candidate. Or even a preferable alternative to Obama.

I think he can be supported by the tea party and other groups without being defined by them. I sincerely believe we can win some of the Liberal vote if his connection to hot-button groups/ideologies can be downplayed, so he can be seen more as the wise man that he is and not be branded a 'crackpot'.

Permaculture - that is awesome. Where do you live?

I know what I'd love to see

I would love to see (on youtube) Flash Mobs. Not just a dance..but something that shows whats going on....something that really gets attention. I think the 1st 2 places should be NY (maybe on Wall Street) and of course Texas...Yep..I'd love to see it,....I cant do it myself..I live to far away, and cant dance a lick..lol

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