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The front runner makes his move

Ron Paul is Obama's #1 challenger for the presidency. I think Dr. Paul should make a bold move that I think would gain him much support in this country and in the world. I think that Dr. Paul should make a trip to Israel to meet with PM Netanyahu to discuss what the U.S. foreign policy will look like under the Paul presidency, showing his commitment to abandoning funding and arming Israel's enemies, and his firm belief that Israel has a right to defend itself without the interference since the U.S. actions often keep them from doing so.

Obama really has made some really stupid choices concerning the Middle East and the chaos that has been created due to his stupid choices has placed Israel in a very bad situation. He has made it pretty clear that he does not support Israel or respect the sovereignty of any nation for that matter. It would be great PR for Dr. Paul to make the trip to Israel and by the end of his visit Israel will be supportive of Dr. Paul and his approach to the Middle East. Media coverage on ever channel.

Rand made a move that was unheard of by a Senator putting forward a budget proposal. Ron can so the same and shake things up by going to Israel. It would awesome and lets Dr. Paul make this move before Romney does.

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