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Gary Johnson should run for New Mexico Senate

1) There is an open seat

2) He's already won statewide - twice

3) He's getting no traction so far in the Presidential Primary

4) He might not be let in further debates

5) He's pro-choice, meaning he could never win the GOP nomination

6) He could jump in now and easily be the front-runner. The best GOP fundraiser so far only has $303,000. http://fec.gov/disclosurehs/HSCandList.do?electionYr=2012&ca...

7) This would be totally winnable, and is probably the only chance that either the GOP could win the NM Senate seat, and that we'll get another Liberty advocate in the Senate in 2012.

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I'll support Gary no matter

I'll support Gary no matter what he chooses.

when is primary?

He would have to get out before Iowa I assume in order to run. I would like to see him stay until Iowa then endorse Paul before New Hampshire.

Great idea. I bet people

Great idea. I bet people would support him financially for this too!

Darn right he should! With RP

Darn right he should!

With RP in the Presidential race, GJ is unnecessary.


should write him a letter suggesting it to him.

Gary will be an asset wherever he serves.

He has tremendous command of the facts and we could certainly use another libertarian in the Senate.

He could either win the

He could either win the Senate seat, or get less than 1% of the vote in the presidential primary elections. This is Gary's loss by not running for the Senate, but I know he will not.


I think he'd be a shoe-in.

I had hoped that was the plan

I had hoped that was the plan from the beginning. Get some press by running for president, then turn it into a Senate campaign.

If he drops out of the presidential race while giving a strong endorsement of Ron Paul, he would do well in getting donations.

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

hell yeah!

great idea.


i'd donate to his senate run

Carter, Athens GA

Good Idea

Then RP can endorse him.