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Peter Schiff vs the NIA

I know many us at DP have had lots of video-viewing time on the account of both Peter Schiff and the NIA. In fact, the NIA loves to use Schiff in their work.

Recently, Schiff has put up youtube videos in regards to an alleged "pump and dump" scam that the NIA is emailing to their subscribers. I actually got this email, read it, wasn't too interested, and deleted it.

I know DP has had some NIA videos make it to the main page. Every NIA video I have seen has been captivating, and downright scary. Now I have more ammo to take the NIA's work as manipulative.

To all y'allz out there - peep what the NIA has been up to! I'm with Schiff on this one! Enjoy the controversy, and stay tuned.



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