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73 yr old man ordered to leave National Park due to Ron Paul bumper sticker

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SPLC influence?

I suspect.
I was thrown ot of a state park once for passing out stop illegal immigration decals. I told the officer he was violating his constitutional oath of office. He said he didn't give a rat about any "constitution".

Undo what Wilson did

Just left a national park

had my Ron Paul magnet sticker on the car .... no problems - have been driving through Kansas and colorado etc.... not seeing any other bumper stickers - None. No other Ron Paul .... only some old obama stickers from 08 .....

Next rally = there.

Next rally = there.

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Just once!

I would like to see someone fired (at least) over incidents like this!

Obama stickers?

As long as no one sporting an 'Obama' bumper sticker is allowed in the park, park officials could claim consistency.


Those planning vacations this year around South Carolina should pay them a visit and conspicuously park their RP12 decked out vehicle in the visitors lot. :-)


in my opinion this topic is trolling


OK...my bad

OK...my bad


Is this for real. Please tell me this is a joke.

Let the letters fly:


Ms. Erin K. Broadbent, Superintendent
Kings Mountain National Military Park
2625 Park Road
Blacksburg, South Carolina 29702

Sounds real.

What cowards.

I sent them 3 packages...

1) A letter expressing my concern that a "Campaign For Liberty" sticker wasn't allowed in a park memorializing THE ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERY, the Revolutionary War.

2) One family pack of 48 cold-brew, decaf tea bags.

3) One laminated copy of the Declaration of Independence with the line "Long train of abuses and userpations" underlined.

Sometimes a few visual aids make a better impression than a well written letter.


Ill be putting something together also....lets get a valid email for this guy.