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Just a couple thoughts...

Hello. I am new here, though not really new here ;). I've just recently signed up for this forum after many years of supporting Dr. Paul's efforts in the House (and of course his 2008 campaign). After hearing Dr. Paul's candidacy announcement i've felt compelled to do what i can to offer my support once again. In doing so i've been looking around at the various meeting points for supporters on the web, and i must say that i have come away from the experience terrified. Please hear me out on this:

In my opinion, we lost the election in 2008 primarily because of the media's decision to label and portray Dr. Paul as the "crazy old uncle" of the republican party. He was commonly referred to as a kook, a conspiracy theorist, anything but a viable presidential candidate. This was not the result of any specific vote or action Dr. Paul had taken. It was our fault.

it is my belief that to win we absolutely must, and i cannot stress this enough, distance ourselves from the arguments that were made against his candidacy last time around. In reading supporter responses to articles posted on popular supporter forums and websites, i couldnt help but laugh. I've read about everything from fake birth certificates and iced up OBL's to chemtrails and something about tesla taking down the towers on 9/11. From a political perspective, this is absolute insanity.

This is what people see when they google ron paul. thus, this is what people associate with ron paul. it may be right, it may not be, and who knows maybe the birth certificate really is fake, but i can promise you one thing for sure: anything the MSM has to use against us, they will, and we are handing them ammo at an alarming rate.

this absolutely, 100%, has got to stop, or ron paul will not be the republicans nominee in 2012. if you support ron paul you will either a: keep the conspiracy crap to yourself this time or b: distance yourself from the campaign. this problem is working to discredit not only the campaign in 2012 but the entire freedom movement. it simply cannot continue if we want to be able to reasonably expect to be taken seriously.

noone is going to take a presidential candidate seriously when there are advertisements for books about chemtrails and alex jones' radio show on the site their getting their info from.

im sorry if this offended anyone but, frankly, it's just disturbing. that, and it is the nail in the coffin in 2012 if it continues. just my .02.

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for telling everybody what they have to do, based on your infinite wisdom of the universe.

Now, go F*CK OFF.

Welcome back Pastarocket!

While your concerns about RP's supporters image may have some validity, I would just point out that if we simply look at the last year's trending, Ron Paul has received far more positive press than perhaps during any time in his political career. All of this despite the images & associations that are concerning to you (and some others too) about his supporters.

But here's my take: Ron Paul has gained in popularity... to the point now that he's verging on "top tier" status. And even though some of the subjects being discussed --whereby RP's name might get dragged in-- may be repulsive or concerning to you, they may be very eye-opening to others. But so long as the campaign is growing, the nation-wide grass roots efforts (as a whole) are generally more positive for the campaign than negative. It's like the overall campaign is making four steps forward for every one step back. I have also been drawn to Ron Paul largely because I have chosen to question every official government story, since they long ago lost their trustworthiness through outright lies. Most every major (economic/terror/military) story has holes in it. Yet truth has no holes. You can't deny that they have lied to us. And if they've lied before, then they will lie again and again.

Conspiracy became a bad word not long after George Bush said (after 9-11) "let us never tolerate 'outrageous' conspiracy theories..." as if now any such theories could have any credibility, and they are usually greeting with negative skepticism. But I haven't bought into it... The government has fu$*ed us over, so why should we believe anything they ever tell us. EVERYTHING should be deeply questioned. (Notice: Where did all of the real investigative journalism go?) Was not the Gulf of Tonkin incident a lie/conspiracy? Was not the Lincoln assassination a conspiracy? Was not the Kennedy assassination a conspiracy? Was not the Reagan attempted assassination a conspiracy? Did the Bush admin not lie to us about the weapons of mass destruction? 9-11 has too many unanswered questions, too many questionable figureheads with conflicts of interest, too many professionals (firefighters, engineers/architects & govt. officials) challenging the official story, and too much video evidence that is contrary to the official story. Too many damning documents. Yes there are debunkers out there. But why wouldn't there be? It would be quite careless of the perps to not try to quite those shedding more light on a highly controversial subject. And the fact that so many officials and the media don't want to thoroughly, independently investigate the subject further (as if it's taboo) just fans the flames of foul play ever the more.

I appreciate your concerns. I just don't believe that all of this questioning is a bad thing, especially when the public's overall opinion of their government is incredibly low. Of course, not all of the claims by us conspiracy theorist (or "considerers" if you will) are likely to hold water. But odds are against there being a truly virtuous and honest government, as we have already seen through history. It's my opinion that through the rigorous discussion and examination of all the crookedness & darkness that embroils our govt., that Ron Paul to stands out ever brighter as a source of truth and purity.

Please be encouraged, not dismayed. Ron Paul is winning, despite the media's frequent and never ending attempts to marginalize him. (Conspiracy there?... you decide.)

You are me four years ago.

Hello past me. I used to think exactly what you are saying. I hated all of the conspiracy theory crap all over the Daily Paul. Then I investigated it and it turns out that it's all most likely true. The police state is going full speed ahead right now. It's so out in the open that I believe it is now one of the best ways to wake people up. You can argue political philosophy with people all day but the truth is that the majority of liberty leaning people are already in support of Ron Paul. The others need to be woken up.

...and there ya go...

..and you are still here...your head hasn't blown up and you are better for the experience...me too BTW.

Luv Ya Man.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

OK So then to everyone who

OK So then to everyone who wants to bash me for pointing out the 800lb gorilla in the room, let me ask you this:

are you here to get dr. paul elected, or to push your own agenda?

Dude...you are getting "bashed" because...

you are rehashing old points that you will NEVER find a quorum for here at the Daily Paul. You surely will not find acquiescence from those whose "importance hierarchy" is different from yours. Many of the people you want to silence, for whatever "good" reason you think you've discerned, would never have found Dr. Paul and the freedom message if it weren't for the things they learned down the rabbit holes. And woe be to some biker, or spaghetti lover, who wants to tell them that the very same things that brought them to Ron Paul are reason enough to lose anyone un-able to discern truth in Dr. Paul's message. Again, "The Guy" or "HeatForce" or who ever you are, get over it and move on.

You'll just have to be associated with wacko's. That's the way it is and the way it will stay...no matter how much you whine.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

English 101. Offered at a

English 101. Offered at a community college near you.




Reality bites.

Get over it.

Sheeeesh....here we go again....heeee's baaaack

as if...this post on the "thought self-police" argument will change anything. Forget this tack and move on. It's been done too many times before. Freedom of speech ain't easy and if you think that's tough, keep trying to subject others to your hierarchy of "important stuff".

If someone would vote for Obama, or McCain because of some guy in Albuquerque says that HAARP is causing earthquakes in Haiti...well then...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

it's not what "one guy

it's not what "one guy thinks". it's pervasive. it's on almost every associated website. thus, it becomes associated with the campaign and, further, the man himself. It's not about whether people care what the (admittedly few) conspiracy types that support the campaign believe, it's about NOT GIVING THE MSM REASONS TO CALL HIM A WINGNUT. this isnt a fight against democrats or the republican establishment or the "sheeple", it's a fight against the MSM's portrayal of Dr. Paul, and we are handing them quotes to back up their point hand over fist.

They don't need reason more than...he's Ron Paul

He's a racist, a demagogue, a non-regulatory-corporatist, an isolationist, a nut, a kook, dolt...

add whatever you've heard that I might have forgotten...then shake your head at the stupidity of it all ...and MOVE THE F$%^ ON!

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I dunno. What's more

I dunno. What's more important, Ron Paul becoming President, or Millions more people waking up? If Ron Paul wins and most people are still asleep, what's the gain? Ron is not a dictator. He can't just do anything he wants to, he still needs to convince Congress, the citizens, etc..

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

"he's baaaaack"? i've never

"he's baaaaack"? i've never been here before. how could i be "back"?

anyway... you people are hurting the cause. if i hadnt already known of dr. paul before researching his positions for this campaign i wouldve came away from my research thinking he was an alex jones conspiracy wingnut. face it: you may be right or wrong on the issues, we all have our own positions, but you MOST CERTAINLY are not helping dr. paul get elected. he himself asked you guys to stop and you didnt and it destroyed his 2008 campaign.

so.... why are you on a ron paul forum if you're primary interest isnt getting the man elected? is this merely a place to push crazy conspiracy theories to a wider audience than prisonplanet?

You are a master strategist.

You wrote:
"we all have our own positions, but you MOST CERTAINLY are not helping dr. paul get elected. he himself asked you guys to stop and you didnt and it destroyed his 2008 campaign"

Ohhh yeah...that's what happened...for sure...

He'd have definitely won if not for the 911 people. Dude. If this is an example of the level of discernment you bring to this "argument", you are going to have a bit of a problem around here. Give up while you are still welcome.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Usually, when someone associates himself...

with Alex Jones types...especially by going on their radio programs many, many times, one might expect to be somehow "associated" with them. Seems you should take that up with the man himself.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


When signing up to a new blog...

1. Read the rules for posting

2. Do a search for the topic you are posting on and read what has already been said so you don't waste your time rehashing that which has been beaten to a bloody pulp already and thereby get mistaken for another dead horse beating screen personality.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I'm witcha on that...

My awakening started with the pharmaceutical industrial complex...all doors opened from there...including the door that led me here.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?