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Fed Govt needs to help in Missouri!

Watched fox for a few minutes this morning and they were discussing whether the govt can afford to help these people in the wake of the debt problem. 2 points:

1. We're talking about probably 10's of million dollars here...a few minutes of the governments spending

2. More importantly...why should the Federal gov't (aka the taxpayer) come to help anyway. No doubt it's a tragedy, but people and businesses have insurance to replace their homes and belongings. The only costs that aren't really accounted for are the costs to clean up

Dr. Paul hit on this perfectly the other day when he was talking about hurricanes and flooding.

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I watched

GB yesterday, because I have been monitoring enemy transmissions....8)

I was extremely surprised to see that he was showcasing stories of individuals and churches, running to the rescue of their fellow neighbors.

I was even more surprised that he spoke negatively about FEMA. He talked about preparedness, self sufficiency in times of crisis, to be in a POSITION to be able to help your neighbor, and not wait on the Govt.

I think this recent example, and the debacle of Katrina, are excellent arrows in the quill, for the upcoming campaign.

These suggestions will be forwarded to RP.