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The Last Word on Osama Bin Laden



...But after finally waking from the 10 year nightmare of the Osama Bin Laden fable, are the public willing to go straight back to sleep? Or are they going to start questioning the official narratives that are cemented into place in the wake of every large-scale event, narratives that always support more government intrusion in our lives, expanded wars of aggression around the globe and an ever-expanding police state?...

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Sorry if you all chose to ignore this post

because you didn't want to open this can of worms again. I definitely am not a big conspiracy buff, usually attributing ongoing massive government failure and expansive waste to political and bureaucratic ineptness and simple greed.

I'm giving this one boost because it had information I hadn't heard before presented in a clear, factual, calm report.

Thank you reedr3v


Subscribe to the podcast. Great alternative media.


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