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Animated Music Video Explaining the Non-Aggression Principle.

An animated music video explaining the Non-Aggression Principle.


Non-Aggression Principal
by Liberation Animation

If you want this world to be not perfect but more peaceful
I have a wee suggestion to make you're day more gleeful.

As a general rule of thumb don't be the first to end the fun
With physical force, threats of force or scamming peaceful people.

Non-Aggression Principal says it's not justified
To initiate coercion with force or threats or lies.

You'll like make more friends if you follow it
But if you don't and say you do, you're just a hypocrite.

For life to be more fun, we should support the Non-Aggression Principal, Hey!

According to the Non-Aggression Principal it's not good to initiate coercion.
What's coercion?
Forcing others to do something using physical force, threats of physical force or fraud.
Physical Force?
I'll let this angry cop explain.

For the rest of the Lyrics, visit:

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Liberty Edu,

Very useful education about Liberty, with the non-aggression principle, = no force, threats or lies.
The guy with the stack of dollar$$$ resembles Romney, and that is really funny. good strategy. The voice sound is not so clear in just a few places, but the lyrics are available / attached, - its nice, completes the course within 5 mins.

can't have enough tools to educate your kids

my 11 yr old nephew liked it. maybe not appropriate for kids younger than that. The book "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible" is another great tool for kids 10yrs and older who like to read or need something to fulfill a summer reading assignment for school.

Non-aggression principle,

SFTS, thanks for attention and response, and for posting this video. I found it very educative, explains and clarifies the principle of "non-aggression". They are many grown-ups who are unaware, because we grew up in an environment where obedience to the system is emphasized. The message of liberty frees our minds from this fraud and offers an alternate mode of thinking, otherwise some folks rebel, cause harm.


Thanks, will watch it later.


I think short, entertaining animations like this are a great way to introduce complex and otherwise boring topics to the uninitiated.

I can't wait to see more of these.

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Joη's picture

to broadcast lies! "My opponent feeds poop to kittens"

@ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHe4OQ4bY4o#t=2m42s

Pretty good, overall though, especially for a group's first vid.

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Is it me or does he strangely

Is it me or does he strangely resemble Mitt Romney? lol