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Ron Paul 2012 addressing the haters

Taken from: http://www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2...

Ron Paul 2012 addressing the haters

We KNEW Obama was a liar because while he was in the senate he voted to financed Bush's wars 3 times and he voted to reinstate the patriot act, and he voted for everyone of Bush's torture bills and the bail outs and he co-sponsored the bill to put sanctions on iran. If people had bothered to look up what Obama had been doing rather than being lazy and just hearing what he was saying, they would have known he was a liar. His largest campaign financer was Goldman Sachs the largest bail out recipient was Goldman Sachs.

Ron Paul voted against the wars and the funding of the wars, voted against the patriot act and torture and domestic spying and sanctions. He didn't get any money from goldman Sachs and he's told the truth consistently the whole time he has been in office. He issued the bill to audit the fed and to get rid of the TSA. Ron Paul isn't a liar. Judge a man by what he does not what he says.

"It doesn't matter who we are underneath. It is what we do that defines us." Batman


There is also an interesting flyer on Ry´s site.


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Excellent video, job well done!

Thanks for posting. Will be sending it onward.