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What Ron Paul needs to do

New survey gives some good results for Ron Paul.
But he is far behind Mitt.


1) Ron Paul is not seen as someone who can beat Barrack, he needs to emphasise the survey that came out earlier saying he had the best chance of beating Barrack.

2) He is not seen as a leader, something needs to change in his style so that he appears leaderlike.

3) also for some reason Ron Paul is not showing as good with the economy, how can we change this????

4) Paul does well with handling health issues, but he needs to emphaise he has been a doctor more I guess?

People are voting fot Mitt based on the fact they think he is best placed to beat Obama, not because they are impressed with his policies.

Any ideas how Ron can fix these deficits?

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Is this a regional poll?

Because I would think regional bias might tip the scale toward liberal northeastern Romney.

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