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Democrat Wins in Closely Watched New York Race

[Once again the GOP pays the price of embracing the Military-Industrial Complex by refusing to cut military spending or Congressional paychecks]

Kathy Hochul was elected to a vacant U.S. House seat in western New York, the Associated Press said, following a campaign that became a referendum on a Republican plan to privatize Medicare.

With 84 percent of the vote counted in the special election, the AP tally showed Hochul with 48 percent to 42 percent for Republican Jane Corwin and 8 percent for Buffalo- area industrialist Jack Davis, running on the Tea Party ballot line.

The race was closely watched for its implications on national politics, including the 2012 presidential campaign. The campaign provided the first electoral test on the Medicare issue and, in a sign of its potential importance, national party groups and their independent allies helped finance a barrage of local television ads and automated telephone calls to households.

Hochul's triumph in a district long dominated by Republicans will be touted by Democrats as a repudiation of the plan passed by the Republican-controlled House to overhaul Medicare, the government-run health-care program for the elderly.

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