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Undefeated, or Indigestible? Palin's Full-Length Film

As told at http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2011/05/25/palins_..., Sarah Palin commissioned a full-length feature film titled "Undefeated" which details her brilliant success as a politician and advocate of the people in the face of harsh personal attacks by her foes.

What quickly came over me was "Indigestion" followed closely by "Nausea."

I take issue with the title. She was, in fact, defeated. Horribly.

The McCain-Palin ticket took a shellacking unseen since Mondale-Ferraro, though arguably, it would have been far worse if she had not been there to add some star-power and zest to the sagging, flagging McCain campaign.

Since that time, and her cowardly abandonment of her elected post as Alaska's governor, questions have been raised about the holding power of this snazzy star. Hence, the need for this film to remind everyone of how it was Sarah Palin who was able to draw crowds nearly as wide and fanatical as the would-be messiah, Barack Hussein.

But honestly: Is a 2 hour fab-fest the way for someone to try and win the most powerful position in the world? Through a feature film?

It was bad enough how Barack Hussein was messianized in the midst of a crashing economy so as to appear as our can-do-everything saviour. But this! This smacks of the very worst opportunism and circus side-show freakery.

The article says Palin's out to complete the Reagan Revolution. I'm not sure what exactly that is, except Reagan was an actor and used his Hollywood talents to perfection to compensate for other lacking qualities.

If Palin is convinced the best way to win the highest office is with the shiniest propaganda, well, go for it, girl.

I shan't be plunking down any portion of my wages to be fed glittery Snookie-stupidity for Red State Rednecks. I'd rather search youtube for old, grainy home-made films of Dr. Paul speaking about the most pressing issues of our day, and how simple, fundamental approaches can yield real solutions.

I'd rather leave these messianic film stars to showcase their political acumen on more dignified platforms, such as American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. Silly me...