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Hedge fund managers pour assets into farmland as doomsday food scenario approaches


(NaturalNews) Going back to the land has always been thought of as a thing for hippies, eco-nuts, and doomsday survivalist, but now hedge fund managers are jumping on the bandwagon too.

The New York Observer recently spoke to such a hedge fund manager working on a fund that ranks as approximately the 15th largest farmer in America.

The media first picked up on the land investment pattern in 2008 in the February Times of London piece, "The Hedge Fund Manager Who Bought a Farm," which detailed a British hedge fund manager's attempt to play off the rising prices of grains in order to get a hold of local farmland. It was followed shortly by coverage by the Financial Times that said hedge funds and investment banks were "swapping their Gucci for gumboots".

Today, the increase in the purchase of farmland both in America and abroad is so drastic that in February, Thomas Hoenig, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, warned against the possibilities of a farmland bubble.


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My younger brother graduates

My younger brother graduates from high school today. He will be attending an agricultural college to study organic farming. Very proud of him ;-)

And his first vote ever cast will be for Ron Paul!

Big smile

made my day.

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Squash is already 3.00 a pound!

If ya don't see it as a cash cow........

Two years ago

Jim Rogers said he was long agriculture and that the farmers were going to be the ones in the future that would be driving lamborghinis. Looks like he is going to be spot on with that prediction.

I saw that clip

And I've been telling everyone in my family that will listen that farming is coming back and they just look at me like I was from Mars.

You knew this was coming

The next step on the road to serfdom, drive up the price of land.

Fed Warned Against a Farmland Bubble?

Maybe its inflation? Are presidents of the Federal Reserve banks required to take econ 101?