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Any news on Robert Paul for U.S. Senate?

After all these Tea Party betrayals on the Patriot Act---and the whimpering (if wholly predictable) back-down of the Texas state government on TSA grope-screening--I am firmly convinced that Texas needs Ron Paul's son Robert in the U.S. Senate!

I read a promising Yahoo! article on Robert, as fresh as five weeks old, but I have not heard much about him lately. A Facebook friend just said that he had been considering a run for Kay Bailey's seat, but had changed his mind recently.

Does anyone have any scoop on this? Texas needs an honest, GOOD U.S. Senator for a change.

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but some guy who said he was a lobbyist here in Texas, contacted me through my work, and wants me to start a draft Medina for Senate campaign on the DP.

We plan to meet soon, and possibly with Medina. I'd like to know that SHE is on board first, before I waste my time.

Robert Paul, I thought had given hints that he wasn't going to enter the race.

We need someone with at least SOME name recognition. The field I am told will be split in many ways. If we could get a solid 30+ % for one of our peeps, it could win.

I am looking forward to that

I am looking forward to that and I think she will win.

Keep us posted.

I recall reading an article

I recall reading an article where it said he decided to stick with his practice instead. I hope he is still open to the idea cuz we need another Paul in congress.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.


Ron said in an interview here recently that Robert had decided against it.

I'm pretty sure he said he

I'm pretty sure he said he wasn't going to run

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