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Ending the Media Prejudice Against Ron Paul

The 2008 Ron Paul Campaign was effectively sabotaged by media bias.

The 2012 campaign is starting out the same way, with most discussions of GOP candidates simply ignoring Ron Paul.

We must change this. But we can't do it by simply complaining. I think we need to fight back in a way that the media conglomerates will understand. Dollars.

Boycotts4Paul.com allows Ron Paul supporters to report newscasts and shows that fail to fairly cover Ron Paul. Once the shows are identified, their sponsors can be contacted with the promise of a lifetime boycott of their goods and services.

Imagine that you are a sponsor of the CBS Evening News. A story about the GOP field runs ignoring Ron Paul and the next day you receive 1,000 e-mails from Ron Paul supporters who promise to boycott your business for life unless 1) CBS News makes immediate corrections or 2) The advertiser pulls its sponsorship of CBS News. This might be followed up by picketing of businesses that don't see the light.

Most businesses assume that for every complaint they get, there are 10 or even 100 people who haven't written. 1000 emails in a day would set their hair on fire. One reason this tactic can be particularly effective is because most businesses are operating on the razor's edge of ruin as a result of the economic collapse. Even a small change in their gross income can make the difference in success or failure. In other words, we have leverage.

At this point, the web site is up and running - but not all features are implemented.

So what do you think? Would you commit to boycotting sponsors who support biased shows/newscasts? Do you think this is an effective approach? How many emails/letters are you willing to write each week to make this happen? I can imagine other tactics - such as dropping off receipts from competing businesses with a note saying, "I would have spent my money with you, but you support unfairness in campaign reporting". I'm sure the Ron Paul community can come up with even better ideas.

I invite discussion here. And be sure to sign up at http://boycotts4paul.com



At this point, it appears this topic has been fairly thoroughly covered. Many of the recent posts are simply rehashing items already addressed and are generally of the form of:

1) That won't work. (No reason given - just a negative opinion.)
Response: You're entitled to your opinion. Now go away - you're not helping.

2) Media has unlimited money and cannot be hurt by boycotts.
Response: That's why they have entire departments to round up sponsors and why they run so many ads. Because they don't need the revenue.

3) Why don't you do X instead?
Response: Why don't YOU do X? Seriously, if it's such a great idea, go ahead and DO it. We can get hundreds of people to stand around and say, "Somebody ought to do X" and they're collectively not worth the powder to blow them up. You want to count for something? YOU go do something.

4) This is a really great idea! I love it! Let's do it!
Response: Thanks. Just remember to follow through. And tell your friends.

5) I have a question about how this works? or I have an idea to make this even more effective.
Response: GREAT! Please let me know at kurt@boycotts4paul.com I can use all the help I can get!

Any further inputs of types 1-2... Save your virtual ink.
Type 3? Write up all the details of your idea, get people involved and get the project working - on another topic thread.
Type 4-5: Welcome aboard! And THANKS for the help!

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More work than I think...

I've done web site work for a number of years... and yeah, it's going to be a lot of work. But I know what I'm in for and I know I can do it. (Not to say help wouldn't be welcome!) That's why I'm trying to gauge support BEFORE I do the work. What's the point of me putting in 200 hours of work if only 50 people use the site? OTOH, if 1000 people were willing to send 2 or 3 emails a week, and maybe picket a business once a month, we could scare the bejesus out of the "news" outfits.

Network news and newspapers are already facing very bleak financial futures. The move is towards the internet. As the lamestream media struggles for relevance, if we can convince them they are hastening their own demise by being prejudicial in their coverage, well, as Heinlein said:

Never appeal to a man's better nature. He might not have one. Invoking his self-interest gives you more leverage."

End media prejudice against Ron Paul in 2012.
Signup at http://boycotts4paul.com
or discuss at

disregard - double post

disregard - double post

End media prejudice against Ron Paul in 2012.
Signup at http://boycotts4paul.com
or discuss at

There is already a website

There is already a website for that. Check out dailypaul.com. I don't see a need for that but I support the idea.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

There's already a web site for that?

Can you be more specific?

Where can I go to find a list of shows that have not given fair coverage to Ron Paul, with contact information for their sponsors, and a running count of how many people have submitted complaint letters?

I sure don't want to waste my time reinventing the wheel - so if you can provide a specific URL that I can check out, I'd sure appreciate it.


End media prejudice against Ron Paul in 2012.
Signup at http://boycotts4paul.com
or discuss at

I'm in...

...nuff said.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I like your thinking

Instead of throwing up your hands your trying to be effective.

I send emails to whatever offenders i find using the logic you stated that for every email they get they figure there is 100 who agree with me.

I am in.