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Ron Paul on CNBC - 5/25


Just heard it on CNBC. They will ask him about the gold standard among other things. Barney Frank also part of the discussion. No specific time mentioned. Just sometime during the hour.

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bahahah that chart they threw up there of debt to gdp projected through 2080 was priceless.

Both of my Senators

are listed as not voting but rest assured Roy Blunt would have voted for it in a heartbeat. I guess they are in state due to all the recent Tornado damage.

I'll open a cold redstripe4u Senator Paul!

Dr, Paul

Dr. Paul was on top of his game and looked involved, concerned and confident. He has been working 7 days and has given his life.
He is the sweetest looking man, and always has a presence that breaks even the hardest of souls.

This man deserves utmost respect and appreciation for the beautiful family he has brought up and the simply magical ideas and philosophies he tirelessly floats around
When Dr. Paul reads these comments, and you know he does_ its one of his only sites, I hope he sees respect and feels love from us here, because I know it is the comments from random Americans(and the sound of babies crying) that keeps him going.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

reedr3v's picture

I hope also that he feels the positive vibes

we send his way.
Tiny nitpick, hope you don't mind; his ideas are not at all magical IMO, but rational and deeply rooted in the good soil of history's lessons, ethics, Constitutional law, honesty, and the libertarian foundational rock: the Nonaggression Principle.

The Doc's handlers need to....

keep some makeup on hand for these live shots.
He looks a little too shiny even though he makes complete sense.

Audit the Gold

GATA urges Paul to probe Fed's gold swaps; he tells CNBC he will


Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

I just cannot understand...

how anybody could watch this interview and not support Ron Paul. No other candidate makes this kind of sense.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Same here

BugMan... I just don't get it either. The man makes 100% logical sense.

Ron Paul On CNBC About The Ryan Budget & Medicare


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Rand Paul 2016



Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

CNBC News Article

Here's a CNBC news article about the interview.



BUMP, he's on now. 3:15 CST

BUMP, he's on now. 3:15 CST

Frank and Paul

Just said it again. He will clarify his "sell all the gold in fort knox" stuff that was floating around.

the reason he even touches that issue is...

...he probably doubts it is even THERE! And, if it is, then he can apply the policy he stated that it doesn't belong to the government (only).