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Jaywalking for Cain-ites!


I think we should give them the mark of Cain. It's a big "L," right smack dab on their foreheads!

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Seemingly Too Much Education Remains

When I watched this video, it reminded me what I encounter often. Damn. Anyone besides the person himself can do only so much. The individual must do what is -- or used to be and should be -- natural to him, learn. While I type this comment, I can't help but think people, most of them, won't turn themselves around. They just won't think. Evidently they cannot think. So desicated are the souls of people in this country that sometimes I feel alone. Ron Paul is needed: Freedom is needed.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

No one else

found this funny? I appreciate the effort it took to do these interviews & post the video.