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Petty Bureaucrats Attack Missouri Family

hanks to our friend, Paul Hamby, Missouri co-coordinator of Campaign for Liberty, for allowing us to reprint his alert.
Missourians must stand up to these attacks on our basic rights by these petty government bureacracies
We must draw the line!
I encourage everyone, who can attend this rally tomorrow to do so,and most definitely, call Senators Blunt and McCaskill.

Today, Tyranny has come to a Missouri family in a very real way. I am asking you to help fight it.

The Dollarhite family were raising rabbits in southern Missouri. It was a small back yard business started by their son. Then along came the USDA investigators.

Bob McCarty has written an excellent piece portraying the saga. Here is an excerpt;

About six years ago, the Dollarhites wanted to teach their young teenage son responsibility and the value of the dollar. So they rescued a pair of rabbits - one male and one female - and those rabbits did what rabbits do; they reproduced.
Before long, things were literally hopping on the three-acre homestead 30 miles south of Springfield, and Dollarvalue Rabbitry was launched as more of a hobby than a business."We'd sell 'em for 10 or 15 dollars a piece," John [Dollarhite]
said during a phone interview Tuesday afternoon, comparing the venture to a kid running a lemonade stand. In addition, they set up a web site and posted a "Rabbits for Sale" sign in their front yard.

You can read the full article here:

Family Facing $4 million in fines for selling bunnies

Turns out the USDA bureaucrats created a rule that anyone who sells more than $500 per year in rabbits must get a permit from the USDA. The Dollarhites sold just over $4,000 worth of rabbits in one year but they were not aware that USDA had a rule requiring a permit.

Now the USDA wants them to pay a fine of $90,643 for not having the USDA license to raise rabbits. In America, the 8th Amendment to the constitution says that a punishment should fit the crime. Does it seem reasonable to have a $90,643 fine for a victimless crime of not having a USDA license to raise rabbits?

Read the letter from the USDA here

If they do not pay the fine on time, then the penalties total 3.9 million dollars.

Seriously? Yes, just shy of 4 million dollars for not having a Washington DC mandated license to raise rabbits.

Is this not tyranny defined?

Here is what you can do:

Call Senator Clair McCaskill at 202-224-6154

Call Senator Roy Blunt at (202) 224-5721

Ask them to interpose on behalf of the Dollarhite family. Tell them that the USDA had no jurisdiction here because the Dollarhites operated their backyard bunny farm entirely within the state of Missouri. No sales were made across state lines. No interstate commerce.

Tell them that you will not stand silently while the federal government brings tyranny to a Missouri family. Please call Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt now and tell them to stop the federal tyranny today.

Paul Hamby

Missouri Co-Coordinator, Campaign For Liberty

Join a protest of the USDA tyranny in Ozark Missouri on Wednesday.

When: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Wednesday May 25th.

Where: USDA Service Center

1786 S. 16th Avenue, Suite 103, Ozark, MO 65721

Latest details on the protest here

Don't forget to call

Senator Roy Blunt at (202) 224-5721

Senator Clair McCaskill at 202-224-6154

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I wonder why ?

I wonder why there is even a law restricting the amount of rabbits that can be raised without government intervention.

My Grandmother told of how her family raised Flemish Giant rabbits in Flanders before WWI. The had a dog cart stacked high with live rabbit cages that would be taken to market as a cash crop. The cart was stacked higher than one could reach.The family didn't eat rabbits because they needed the cash.

Here in the former 'land of the free' we are not allowed to raise the same food without a vindictive government agent making an example of someone who dares to produce something? Maybe the bureaucrat should be made an example of. Perhaps a letter writing campaign to remove him from his employment. He could be the poster boy of bureaucracy.

good grief

this is crazy. I'm calling first thing in the morning.

Give me liberty or give me death.