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I own ELECTRONPAUL.COM any web people want to help me build it?

anyone that can help me do this would be helpful. We need as many ron paul sites as possible. I know nothing about web design.

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Electron Paul

Sounds like a science super-hero.

i feel dumb admitting this

i feel dumb admitting this but i dont understand what the sites name is supposed to be playing at. what kind of web functionality are you looking for? why start a website if ou have no clue how they work? just some questions...

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Electron Paul? ...wh—OH!

ElectRonPaul. *rolls eyes* look into Wordpress or Drupal if you want a free content management service. All the same, you may also want to learn basic HTML and related languages. I began at w3schools.com because they have little testing grounds, but I bet you may do just as well at mozilla.

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I am sure I will find someone

I am sure I will find someone to help me. it is a great name and this is the last shot to get ron elected. I am not web savvy at all.

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It is a great name

Have you thought about what the site will be? How will it be different from the other Ron Paul sites in existence? How will it aim to achieve the goal of electing Ron Paul?

There is more - much more - to a website than just a great domain name. And it takes more than just someone who is web savvy to create a successful site. Since you're the owner, I assume that you're the one to set that direction.

If you're serious about developing the site, I suggest that you come up with a plan of how the site will work, what will be on it, how it will be used to achieve that goal, and how you will pay the programmer, designer and developer that you will need to hire.

It doesn't matter if you're not web savvy - you still need that that plan, and your rock solid belief in that plan. Your enthusiasm for your vision, and your energy, excitement and belief in your project is what will carry it gloriously to fruition.

Best of luck friend.

He's the man.

Michael, the goal of the site

Michael, I know that you know who I am or assuming you do know who I am based on static IP, the goal of the site is to promote Ron Paul and his positions and get Ron Paul elected President.

The feel would be Rons positions as well as positive video on MSM that makes him look good.

Money is no object but I am also not going to give money away that is not justified. My main goal is to get the founding father of our time to be President of the united states, end the wars, secure the dollar, end the FED and bring common sense back to our republic AND FIX OUR COUNTRY.

Clever Name

I like your plan and I like your website's name.

electRon Paul. Sweet. Have you thought about using electricity or, better, an electron on the website, say, maybe an electron, a sphere in other words, that shoots around or out or does something to be visible in the middle of the screen or however you want when your website appears?

Maaaaybe there can be a welcome page, where an electron would appear with Click Here "in" it or under it to enter electRonPaul's main page. Then, once the main page appears, have a nucleus that's surrounded by protons and electRons. The nucleus could have an image of the U.S. Constitution in it. The electRons would contain Ron Paul information and the protons would contain the adversaries' information. Or if no mention of adversaries, put something else in each proton, perhaps issues Ron stood alone on, a crystal clear display between Ron and everyone else, the record of duty and honor versus the record(s) of dereliction and subversion. Make at least the main page interactive, meaning the spheres do in fact move, or orbit, around the nucleus and that the visitor can move them around.

Because there is a lot of information on Ron, only so many spheres can orbit the necleus. How about having category electRons that can be clicked to bring up a page that has its category name appear over the subcategories? Perhaps the subcategories instead of appearing as a list are orbiting around this page's necleus, the category's name, that is, the electRon clicked on to bring up this page.

I just thought about another idea about the main page's nucleus: How about have it only but with an image of the U.S. Constitution and an image of Ron, a photo of him smiling? Clicking on it would bring up a new page, one in which the nucleus has the Constitution image electRons are orbiting. The outermost ring could be Ron's first year in Congress, 1976, going inward containing information up to the present.

Get to me if you want more ideas, freedom friend.

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I suggest you look at the RonPaul sites

already up and running. See if there is a specific gap you can fill, or a clear way you can present the information better.
Also know the readership you want to attract: is it for the grassroots, the Republican majority, the Tea Party, some general voter public, appeal to civil libertarian leftists, the antiwar crowd? Visualize and cogitate on how you can appeal to your target group/s.
Set clear goals and work to achieve them.