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Congress to vote on $118 billion more for Afghanistan war THURSDAY MAY 26

But you wouldn't know it by the sneaky silence in the major media, else they wouldn't get away with it. It's true: wars don't fund themselves. Someone has to vote for it.

Of interest in this write-up:

"On May 5, Reps. McGovern (D-MA)-Jones (R-NC) introduced HR 1735, the Afghanistan Exit and Accountability Act. With seven original Republican co-sponsors, this is a bi-partisan measure that goes beyond the usual "anti-Afghan war suspects.""

Tucked away in section 1034, is an expanded authorization for the use of force, which allows the President to order extended military actions such as that which Libya has become without congressional authorization. The last step toward permanent war.

Congress 202-224-3121 (all representatives)


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for those who can't tune into CSPAN,David Swanson's live blog:


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David Swanson's liveblog of House

for those who can't tune into CSPAN


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