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Online Poll Voting is Extremely important to our cause! Why> You ask?

Because the amount of people who are unsure as to who they will vote for in 2012 is a Very Very large number. ALSO, for all those 'unsure voters' out there who watch the mainstream media, it is very unlikely they will stumble upon positive Ron Paul discussions there. I believe we need to come together and slam the online polls & share links to show Ron Paul as the leading man. If for no other reason than to get his name out there to people who might not have a clue who he is. & Let them do their own homework. Ron Paul will be ignored no longer and we must help bring him to light!

below is another random poll i found online. *just change the xx's in hxxp to http so n oone can track the traffic back


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Another way to fix the media...

On line polling IS important because it makes people ask questions like, (flashback to 2008) "Who is Ron Paul?"

But equally important is forcing media to report fairly on the Ron Paul campaign. Here's how that can be done...


End media prejudice against Ron Paul in 2012.
Signup at http://boycotts4paul.com
or discuss at

Everything helps

Online polling takes 2 seconds. Vote Ron Paul, leave a comment and move on.



great logic...

Half of the people in America don't vote. Break that down into age groups that use the internet. Let alone those that are web savvy. Online polls? Sure.. if there is nothing better to do. In 07-08 I thought it made a difference too. Learned my lesson with that outcome. On a scale of one to ten... online polls are an 11 to me. Focus on voters. Not the internet. Jussayin... been there. Done that. Got the tshirt and tattoo. Get off the net and make a local... not worldwide difference.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

THE ONLINE voting itself is

THE ONLINE voting itself is not what will win it, i Agree- BUT, it helps a ton with the exposure. There are many people out there who will only begin to research what a candidate is all about once they are viewed as a serious potential candidate. I see all the time big name networks, like fox and msnbc using crappy little online polls results as if it was a true science on who is leading the GOP. If RP is leading or shows he is a contender, regardless of how valid the poll is, it will only help and support getting his name out there for the masses to learn about what RP is all about. McClarinJ said it best on this thread when he said "In Polotics, perception is reality."

Are you kidding me?

I just sent my resignation to my local GOP County Committee. It states:

Dear Committee,

I will no longer serve on the committee and hereby resign from my position as committeeman. I feel I can devote my time and make a greater impact by:

1. Waving signs on busy streets until the carbon monoxide makes me dizzy.
2. Voting in online polls.
3. Scouring the internet in order to find these polls.
4. Posting the websites for these polls on numerous blogs and message boards so others will vote in them too.

Thank you for understanding.

What about voting in an election that counts.

A million online votes without a counted vote is foolish.

The poll operator can post anything the want. There is nothing you can do on private property.

That is a problem at the official election polls also.
Here's something useful: http://www.blackboxvoting.org/ to insure accurate vote counting.

Free includes debt-free!

Online polls is MOST IMPORTANT...in fact, more important than

More important than:
1. Becoming a precinct leader
2. Becoming a local GOP County Committeeman
3. Becoming a local, state, or national delegate
4. THE PLAN, the blueprint to victory

However the following trumps online polls:
1. Waving a sign on a busy street until you're dizzy.
2. Ruling the internet--> online blogs (and polls)
3. Posting polls on message boards so others can help us win.

Basically, if we win all these online polls we got this election in the bad ; )


Is repeating the same mistake and expecting a different outcome. Good luck with that. See you at the next porn site or facebook status.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

all purplefetus does is like

all purplefetus does is like to BASH all other memebers ideas and contributions to the success of Ron Paul, so he can promote "HIS PLAN" as the one and only way. Go ahead, search "purple fetus" and see how negative he is as a member to other RP supporters, plugging away at "the plan" on all his posts

Naaa, come now...


-vote in online polls.
-scour the internet until I find every poll.
-post the polls on every blog so others participate and we WIN!

Woohooo! A Ron Paul victory is just a click of a button away.

The way I see it

If Ron wins polls nothing much changes. But if someone else wins the poll it's paraded around as if it were the mandate of the masses. The most important thing the polls do is prevent that scenario from happening. They can't print a headline Cain at 27% if Ron Paul is at 58%. The other candidates cant get any significant press if we keep it up. Polls may not be the most effective method of getting the message out but it is quick and easy and along the way we may pick up a few undecideds, catch someone's attention and enlighten people in the comments section. The news outlets and blogs recognize the ratings boost and page hits and increase their coverage of Ron Paul and Ron Paul related issues. The stubbornly ignorant can only pound their head against cold hard logic,reason and integrity for so long. They will crack or be exposed for the frauds they are. Keep on pollin'! Nothing but positive results. But do get the important stuff done too.

Ron Paul 58.85% (2,069 votes)
Herman Cain 27.1% (953 votes)

SteveMT's picture

Vote Bump: Ron Paul 58.58% (2,045 votes)

Herman Cain 27.3% (953 votes)

Newt Gingrich 2.21% (77 votes)

Jon Huntsman 0.66% (23 votes)

Gary Johnson 1.98% (69 votes)

Ron Paul 58.58% (2,045 votes)

Tim Pawlenty 3.58% (125 votes)

Mitt Romney 2.98% (104 votes)

Rick Santorum 2.72% (95 votes)

Total Votes: 3,491

Ron Paul Polls

join the ron paul polls facebook group for daily updates of all internet polls

+ 1

all activism online and offline is very important.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Just think about it... Win

Just think about it...

Win ALL the online polls and Ron Paul will automatically be a "shoe-in". No sweat! Door-to-door canvassing is for losers. We can win this election from behind the computer at the push of a button. Now that's power!

I'm gonna dedicate more of my time scouring the internet for on-line polls. It's THAT important.


I'm not certain folks picked up on the dripping sarcasm...

McClarinJ said it best when

McClarinJ said it best when he said "in politics, perception is reality". Unfortunately with the MSM It's true... and the more well represented Ron Paul is in this online polls (regardless as to how we may feel about them) the better off his campaign. People are drawn to the "front runners" and those "supposedly" leading the race. If Nothing else, it will expose him to the reader allowing the reader to find out what RP is all about. If RP is sitting dead last in all the online polls he will be just as well represented as he is on tv. We don't want that. Show your support.

Polls in major widely read sites are important.

Polls that are posted on upstart blogs to initiate hits are a huge waste of time. Quit posting those types .

someone must be reading it!!

someone must be reading it!! And trust me, when people like Hannity or OReilly choose to ignore the poll's on their own websites, they will be searching for other online polls to report on (those which show RP less favorable)

Their own polls are the only ones they report on

even if they have to reset them 4 or 5 times.

In politics perception is reality.

There's a well recognized sociological parallel to the Bernoulli principle. Bernoulli noted that slower moving molecules get drawn into a stream of fast moving molecules. If less attentive, undecided voters see a surge in support for one candidate, they are drawn in that direction. Therefore it always pays to be seen as winning, even if it's a poll that falls far short of scientific measurement.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

It is important

and does convince people, it causes others to do some research. There are also a lot of sheople who just follow the crowd.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

While I vote in these polls

I realize it's mostly for my own entertainment. I do it for the same reasons I might indulge myself in a good work of fiction- it's pleasurable. Seeing Ron Paul go from 5% in a poll to 95% is satisfying.

But overall, the fact that Ron Paul wins most polls only makes the barrage of MSM propaganda all the more aggravating: they will say that ANYONE has a better chance of winning than Ron Paul. I seriously doubt there is ANYTHING we can do to change that. I imagine the powers that be snickering at how easy it is to get us to scurry from poll to poll in a desperate but futile attempt to find some way out of the rat maze they put us in.

MSM = PSY-OP and it WORKS. It really drives me crazy seeing how homogenous all the reporting is...it gets worse all the time. The toying with the comments sections- blocking dissent, shaping an illusion of what the general reactions are to articles- is another effective psy-op.

Yeah, because when Dr. Paul

Yeah, because when Dr. Paul wins an online poll with 87% it really shows the undecided voter who is the most popular. Please, online polling means little. A lot of times it actually hurts like the boy who cried wolf.

Columbus, Ohio

It gets his name out there in

It gets his name out there in a way that can not be ignored. There are many people out there that only know about candidates based on who they are BEING TOLD are the frontrunners. If Ron Paul is leading these polls it will encourage the non-informed to find out more about him. Which is exactly what we want.


Voted on your link as well.