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Ron Paul Winning *Fox News* Hannity Poll- Help with a little PUSH!

Ron Paul- 32%
Sarah Palin- 20%
Herman Cain- 19%

Its on the right side about half way down


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Rick Santorum 2.79% (232 votes)

Sarah Palin 20.5% (1,706 votes)

Tim Pawlenty 6.12% (509 votes)

Herman Cain 19.9% (1,656 votes)

Newt Gingrich 4.12% (343 votes)

Ron Paul 32.81% (2,731 votes)

Michele Bachmann 13.77% (1,146 votes)

i agree! BUT- there are

i agree! BUT- there are surely many who watch or listen to hannity who have no clue who Ron Paul is. We want to make sure he is WELL represented in Hannity's poll.

Oh, heck no

I'd sooner polish his shoes than direct any web traffic his way.