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Ron Paul Sign Bomb! Have you heard??

People in every county, of every state are organizing a "sign bomb" to spread the message of Ron Paul. We are in need of enthusiastic leaders for both County and State levels.

All RON PAUL supporters are welcome to join us. Simply "like" your individual Counties FB page and click "attend" on the event tab when you are ready to join the "Sign Bomb".

Many states do not have leaders yet and we would encourage supporters to lead their state. If your state has a leader, become a County Leader for your area.

The official site explains it all
There is also a page describing the responsibilities of both the County and State leaders.

You can contact us through our facebook page "Ron Paul Sign Bomb- California"

or email "jrconnor89@yahoo.com"

Thank you, Ron Paul 2012!!

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Press Release for Ron Paul Sign Bomb

We need press releases to go out a week before the Ron Paul Sign Bombs so there is coverage of the events nationwide. This is going to be big. Spread the message!

When will official campaign signs be available?

I have not seen any on ronpaul2012.com

Not that I mind making my own. :-)

We're making our own for the

We're making our own for the time being, but there are a few different sources with signs in the works. Stay informed on ronpaul2012.com and ronpaulsignbomb.com

Yes there is. Check it out,

Yes there is. Check it out, and register for your county and state. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ron-Paul-Sign-Bomb-California/201066549936468#!/event.php?eid=161552733908603

We've done 2 local Portland

We've done 2 local Portland area sign waves, and are planning on doing more! We aren't waiting until October for the next one.

Having days like that are

Having days like that are great to gain momentum. The point of having the future date though is so we can gain as many supporters and have a mass "sign bomb" across the country. Individual groups throughout specific counties are great but they do not get the attention like we could as a large mass.If lots of people of all the major counties of EVERY state all rallied and showed their support, the media and undecided voters would have to pay attention. It would be too difficult to hide.