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Indoctrinating a New Generation to Think North American

Recent Wikileaks documents confirm what some of us have been warning about for years, that plans for a North American Union dismissed by many as a conspiracy theory are indeed real. With Canada and the U.S. pursuing a trade and security perimeter agreement which could later include Mexico, it has once again highlighted the whole process of North American integration. This deep-rooted agenda has permeated our schools, universities and other learning institutions. Through various initiatives, the future leaders of tomorrow are being indoctrinated to view themselves as North American citizens as opposed to Canadians, Mexicans or Americans.

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The indoctrination is happening...

...right under our noses. Small example; I'd picked up some hamburger meat from the local Wal-Mart Supercenter. It was the kind in the round cylindrical tube wrap. And on the outside it had printed across it "Product of Mexico/Canada/USA". This is beef, hamburger, are they saying that it's pieces grabbed from all three countries, or are they "indoctrinating" and conditioning us for that eventual move to "Made in the NAU"? It all starts with trade! Then before we know it, it's open borders, and more "entangling alliances"!!

In any event, start watching your packages, and see what you find.

Suprising since this would be generally worse

for Canadians in terms of their freedoms. It is also interesting that the economists posit an increase in incomes. I suppose it would do this, but hardly in a equal manner across sectors, and some groups would be hurt significantly.

BTW here is the direct link to the document - http://wikileaks.ch/cable/2005/01/05OTTAWA268.html