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HuffPost - Rand Paul's Controversial Gun Records Amendment May Get Patriot Act Vote After All

WASHINGTON -- Senate Democratic leadership seems poised to acquiesce to Sen. Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) demand that the chamber vote on an amendment that would restrict national security officials from examining gun dealer records in their efforts to track potential terrorists...


This guy is trying to make it seem like this is all about guns and it's not, this is about 4th amendment rights. It's the same guy that posted a similar article yesterday and got 2000+ comments bashing him for yellow journalism. Paul got awesome reviews from Reps and Dems alike.

Get on them comments!

Eric Hoffer

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Lord, this seems like a set up -

Read this: "Additionally, Lautenberg has introduced an amendment of his own, this one to close the "terror gap" by giving federal authorities the power to block the selling of guns and explosives to individuals on the terrorist watch list. As of Thursday morning there was no word from Democratic leadership if that amendment, like Paul's, would get a vote."

I wonder who they'll put on that list?