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The Real Reason the U.S. Invaded Libya

Via Break the Matrix. Thanks Trevor.

Iran came under attack in 1953 when it’s elected leader wanted to trade oil in something other than dollars. Saddam Hussein came under our attack at the exact time he wanted to stop trading oil in dollars. And now Gaddafi wants to stop trading oil in dollars and look what happened to him.


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McKinney and most US folk

McKinney and most US folk actually think that whites have it better than blacks.

Whites are merely more domesticated, trained, and thus gullible, controllable, apathetic and thus more productive... and productivity is what the ruling class wants from its working class.

The control of productivity is one of our major assets. Wanna see change? Strike.

Another asset is control of consumption...where we buy, how much we buy, etc.

Call me when you are ready to go on productivity and consumption strikes.

Shouldn't Utah be worried then????

Please someone explain how in the world Utah was able to make gold and silver legal tender??

You saw what the PTB did to a Texan legislature that was unanimous in voting to make criminals of groping TSA agents.

The hammer came down, the blockade was threatened, and the state backed off. To their eternal condemnation.

So what are the implications for Utah? The same fate as Hussein or the Libyan leader?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Utah has not demanded payment in gold for its' 'exports'

Libya has oil and wanted to trade for gold. Utah has not made a similar demand, though I'm sure that Washington is scratching their collective heads about how gold and silver as legal tender within one state is going to affect TPTB.

It all boils down to our bogus money

Since the authorization of the Federal Reserve, we have slowly been building this house of cards. The lure of never ending money was too tempting for our esteemed congresspeople. But now, the cat has gotten so fat that it's suffocating. We're not fooling other countries like we've been able to for so long. Our govenment controlled media has kept our population in the dark, but thanks to open internet conversations, even we're waking up. The only thing our govenment has left to keep the fraud going is force, using the military and intimidation. We elect our congress people with hopeful expectations, but the Washington D.C. culture is so compromised, nice guys don't stand a chance. It's like Bob Dylan says: "You either dance with who they tell you to, or you don't dance at all".

alan laney

Fits in with what the

Fits in with what the Economic Hitman says:


Columbus, Ohio

I am happy to see this on the front page.

It may be one of the nost important subjects ever posted on the DailyPaul. Thank you Michael.

This goes to the very heart of why the U.S. is using its military to "police" the world.

All the military actions mentioned in this posting are ordered by world central bankers (namely the Federal Reserve) who stand to lose if any country decided to trade its oil in something OTHER than U.S. dollars.

Saddam Hussein really struck a nerve in November of 2000 when he announced that Iraq would only accept Euros or Gold as payment for its oil.

That sealed his fate which in turn...

caused the U.S. government involvement in the 9/11 attacks which in turn provided them the excuse to go to war in the middle east (namely Iraq).

The sheer POWER of world central bankers CAN NOT BE UNDER-ESTIMATED.

They have taken our money, our lives and our liberties.

Unless these cartels are stopped, we will never be free people again.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

It is not all about the American Dollar, it is about the powers

that be. They want to control, and I for one am not going to let this happen. My question to you all is what do we do to stop our very own government from doing this to other nations, and us? Do we rise up as well, and have a revolution, probably not, most are tied up with work, child care, a mortgage, and credit card debt. So what do we do, can someone here give us/me some answers? I am no longer in debt myself, I am self-employed, and do not have the time to leave my business to protest, so seriously what do we do as a collective in order to really change things. My only answer is leave America, and go to a country that need my skills, and education, but I love My Country, this is the home of my birth, of my ancestors place, and the home land of my children, and I don't want to leave my family to conform to this government, what should I do? I used to love being an American, and making our government strong, and now, I feel like I live in a country that is backassward, and only wants folks to live here that depend on the government. Help me please!!!!!

Happy to have you in the Club

I too, contemplated leaving the United States. I actually moved to Costa Rico for a while. I decided to return home and do what I can to change peoples minds and hearts. I am prepared for what ever happens. I believe the more the money changers squeeze us in thier fists the more people will slip between thier fingers and educate others. I think this is happening right before our eyes. Look how the media is in desperation mode to keep alive the illusion that there is a two party system in this country. I laugh every day at there attemps to pump up some canidate to run against Obama OTHER than Dr. Paul. I am sure we are winning. Their machine is finaly breaking down. But they will not go quietly and the battle will take time. Fiat currency will one day crumble. History repeating itself. It will be a difficult time but I really believe those that are prepared will make this a great country again. Keep the faith my friend....

Not Nonsense At All - Force Must Be Used for Debt-Currency Use

Thanks Michael -

Great point - This isn't "nonsense" at all, and it's not a "conspiracy theory".


What "enforces" the FED-controlled debt note ($USD) monopoly as the "Reserve Currency" of the world?

(Maybe this is easier: Same question, smaller geographical zone...) -

What "enforces" the FED-controlled debt note ($USD) monopoly as the US "legal-tender"?


Guns. Government Guns.
US Domenstic Government Guns for domestic "legal tender" imposition.
US Military Government Guns for foreign "Reserve Currency" imposition.

EXACTLY the same mechanism, just a bigger sphere of influence.

Government guns are used by Feds to force US Citizens to use it as "legal tender". Compete with it and you will face those guns.

Government guns are used by US Military to force global citizens to use it as the world's "reserve currency". Compete with it and you will face those guns.


The British Army was used to expand colonialism, and force the world to use the Pound Sterling during the 19th and early 20th Cent, at the benefit of Bank of England

The US Army is used to expand corporatism and force the world to use the $USD during the 20th and 21st Cent, at the benefit of the Federal Reserve.

Federal Reserve Notes Are Called Chos-in-Action

Just a fancy way of saying a warrant (worthless paper) that is shoved down your throat to steal your stuff.

Occupation Marks.

If it walks like a duck??

Good post Don Jorge.

The Oracle

Complete nonsense.

Everybody knows the U.S. engaging in war is bad for the dollar. Anytime the U.S. engages in a military action, the dollar sells off. It would make no sense at all to engage in war in an effort to help the dollar.

Dr. Paul doesn't think 9/11 was an inside job, isn't a Birther, supports intellectual property, doesn't believe in chemtrails, doesn't believe the Fema camp conspiracy theory, doesn't believe the Moon landing was faked, says Israel is a "close friend," su

I don't think a strong dollar is the goal

The people who control the currency are not as concerned about the future viability of the dollar as they are about how much power and wealth they can scam out of the system today. When the dollar crashes, they will have already converted their ill-gotten gains into another currency or commodity. They will not be wiped out.

We will.

edit: Let me backtrack a little...our military exploits might be weakening the dollar, but preventing Ghadaffi from using another form of payment strengthens the dollar (or at least prevents further weakening). Of course there is a point at which more wars to support the dollar will have little positive effect and major negative effects. Maybe that's the point at which the wars will end.

Re: Complete nonsense.

Read this:

The Federal Reserve's War Against the Human Race


"I hate government as much as government hates freedom, and that's a lot." - Mike Malin

Check out my PowerPoint: http://www.slideshare.net/anarcholibertarian/why-do-they-hat...

And my Ron Paul vs. Lincoln video:


US always at war

In it's entire history, the US has always been at war! Hmmmm, no military industrial complex here, just move along folks.....

Don't believe everything you think -

Wake up!

The zionist that control the western worlds currencies do not care about a strong dollar. They do not care about the United States. They care about controlling the worlds currency and accumulating wealth and power thru inflation. If you try to end the money changers scheme you will end up buried. Whether you are a soverign country or a great American president. You are wrong on so many levels it is not worth trying to set you straight. You just don't get it. Probably never will.

BS - War is Great for the Debt-based Dollar

You're full of it, and must be a shill for the global Banks.

War is fantastic for the dollar, because it creates the greatest debt fastest, and forces populations to use the debt currency at gunpoint.

Growth in the use of the FED $USD, and it's quasi-stability over the 20th Century, has required greater and greater debt, otherwise, it will mathematically implode (and it will anyway, eventually...)

NOTHING creates debt faster, on a local or global basis, than WAR.

WAR during the 20th and 21st Centuries has made the Central Banks rich beyond the world's wildest dreams.

FORCE is required to get populations to use it at gunpoint, and enrich the banks.

Quit with your globalist tripe.


I think he referring to the boycott of US businesses by overseas customers. Iraq killed most of my overseas orders.

Of course it could be used to choke off the middle class in the US.


one powerful message.If that is the truth.. but wait.. its proposing a question from the start.

Then again. We all know that banks control it all. We have the biggest military in the world. Somebody is using it to do its bidding. I dont understand why we are in Afghanistan and Iraq. We got all of them. Now we are fighting the Taliban.

None of this sh*t makes any sense. Its time to come home and take care of our own. Peace is a powerful message.

Ron Paul 2012

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

More baseless conspiracy theories???

When has Dr. Paul ever stated he believes this conspiracy theory?

Read and learn: http://www.cepr.net/index.php/op-eds-&-columns/op-eds-&-colu...

Russian Today is one of the most sensationalistic low-brow news sources in the world.

From Adam Kokesh show on Russia Today promoting theft of intellectual property to this. Post something worthy of Ron Paul, please.

Dr. Paul doesn't think 9/11 was an inside job, isn't a Birther, supports intellectual property, doesn't believe in chemtrails, doesn't believe the Fema camp conspiracy theory, doesn't believe the Moon landing was faked, says Israel is a "close friend," su

Op ed junk

isn't a source.

It had the word Debunk in it, it must be true.

Yeah we have a currency system based entirely on perception and you sit here like a baboon, defending paper vapor.

Please spare yourself some dignity and don't bother challenging the intelligent people here.

At 5 days 9 hours you're still wet behind the ears and we don't want to play your game.

PS Do you get paid weekly or bi-monthly to shill?

Trevor Lyman's picture

Your article is rubbish. It

Your article is rubbish. It bases the total demand for oil on ONE DAYS worth of purchasing. Do you really think people only buy for one days needs? What about all the days, weeks, months and even years worth of oil purchases, made in dollars, that are held in reserves around the world? When you look at it that way you start to see that in fact hundreds of billions if not trillions are in play here. This article is weak, weak, weak. Post something worthy of DailyPaul.com, please. ;)

You Missed The Point, Trevor

Military power is required to enforce use of the US debt-note.

Without it, peoples everywhere would use their own best currency - maybe even an asset-based one!

Enforcing peopole to use it, using guns, makes the Fed and Banks rich, and empowers the small group of elitists running them.

What happens if you use a "competing" currency to the debt-note $USD in America? Try doing it and you'll face the police consequences.

What happens if you use a "competing" currency to the debt-note $USD anywhere else on the globe? Try doing it and you'll face the military consequences.

Re: You Missed The Point, Trevor

Actually Trevor was responding to Jed's link, especially the part that stated:

Even if all oil were sold for dollars, it would be a very small factor in the international demand for dollars, as can be seen with a bit of simple arithmetic. World oil production is a bit under 90 million barrels a day. If two-thirds of this oil is sold across national borders, then it implies a daily oil trade of 60 million barrels. If all of this oil is sold in dollars, then it means that oil consumers would have to collectively hold $4.2 billion to cover their daily oil tab.

By comparison, China alone holds more than $1 trillion in currency reserves, more than 200 times the transaction demand for oil. In other words, if China reduced its holdings of dollars by just 0.5 percent, it would have more impact on the demand for dollars than if all oil exporters suddenly stopped accepting dollars for their oil.

"I hate government as much as government hates freedom, and that's a lot." - Mike Malin

Check out my PowerPoint: http://www.slideshare.net/anarcholibertarian/why-do-they-hat...

And my Ron Paul vs. Lincoln video:


Why so secret?

You would think by now that those idiotic Arab politicians would've openly stated their plans and advertise it to the world.

Release a YouTube video or something saying that they want to introduce a new gold currency and chances are that American and European governments will try to wage war with them for doing so...

Once the truth gets out, it's a lot harder to convince the people to fight a war for currency protection.

That's it. Makes perfect

That's it.

Makes perfect sense.

Its a sad day when Americans need to turn to a RUSSIA based news service, to find anything close to real investigative reporting and truth.

Very strange. Frightening. And sad, on reflection.

Russia, and their government have evolved, unlike...

The U.S. they have taken the liking to what Pravda used to be, and I think Foxnews, and Cnn wants to give the American people the great lie. No wonder the U.S. government wants to be in charge of what I am doing now, and that is what is be talked about on the internet, and that would be truth. No one at this point can stop me from telling the truth, only our government, and in time they will. The Russian government has gone from very bad, to actually reconnecting with their people, it has taken almost 20 years but they finally get it. I think it will take the U.S. government another 5-10 years to understand, but it will be too late by then, America will fail financially, or be hit by some comet/asteroid from the sky, and quite frankly I believe the U.S. government hopes that our demise comes from the sky, because if it doesn't the American people will have a Revolution, and will attack the U.S. government, ie...the congress, the senate, and the white house.

Speaking of RT

This is a great vid exposing the hypocrisy of the MSM:


That's because truth will

That's because truth will bring down the American empire and the Russian elite thugs want that to happen.

Notice how the U.S. government had to lie to the world about "helping the Libyan civilians" instead of telling us the truth that they wanted to stop Ghuadaffi from launching his new currency.

They always need a "humanitarian" or "safety" reason to sell us their wars... That's how wars have always been fought... With lies.


This is true. He wanted to accept only gold Dinars as payment for the oil. One of the signs of a real rebellion is when the 'bad guy's henchmen' jump ship to the rebel side. This did not happen in Libya, as it did in Egypt. I am truly disgusted with the horrible depths my government has sunk to. Our soldiers lives, and the innocents being killed in Libya because a sovereign nation dared to deny the worthless Federal Reserve Notes of the USA.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift